Sunday, December 31, 2006

A few words before end of 2006

I got this message from a friend

''Wake up! Wake up! Today is d last day of 2006! Dun let d day slip away! Do all d evil things u wan to do! Then start anew in 2007! Hehe! Happy New Year! James (Maxis)''

Thanks James for reminding me some evil things left undone. :) There are couples of word I would like to say before end of 2006.

To my wife: Thanks for being understanding and a lot patient building this family together. I'm really blessed for having you as my wife and I’ve learned a lot from you as about family values. I'm looking forward on next year to build a more fun and joyful relationship together.

To my dad, sisters and brother: As I have my own family now, we've been seldom to see each other. I hope the coming New Year we would able to spend more time together. I miss you all.

To my friends: I hope most of you would understand my situation and that does not mean the end of our gathering. If you guys have any events coming up, please do let me know. I’ll try to squeeze out some time with you guys. ;)

To my current colleague: As you know, I’ll be moving to new company next year. It’s been wonderful working with you guys and thanks for guiding me along the way on my job. It’s been a very fruitful year to me and I hope we would able to work together again in future.

To my blog reader: Thanks for keep coming back for supporting my blog. This is the last post for 2006 and I hope you keep coming back for year 2007. For those who haven't start blogging, why not make one for this New Year? Not just for yourself but for the people who cares about you. ;)

Finally, I would like wish all the best, a prosperous and fruitful 2007 to you. Happy New Year!

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