Sunday, December 21, 2014

2 seats available for chess

Anyone wants to sharpen their chess skill?

There was a friendly chess match at the most CROWDED street in Sydney (Pitt street) and it was 1 guy vs 5 players (kids/adults/young and old). 2 seats available (sitting on the ground actually) when I took the picture above. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Giogio's general store in Watson Bay

I was walking down the street of Watson Bay, the yellow building and the striking red car caught my attention to take this picture. On the outlook, the owner managed to keep the building in good condition except the crack at the top. I like the red mini car that matches the building's age as it was like the time has stopped.

The shot above was taken 18-55mm kit lens attached with polarizing filter.

Flowers in my garden

I was testing my newly arrived polarizing filter (Fotga, $10) with my 55-200mm lens. The result didn't turn out that I was expected. Loss of detail, vignette at corners and it was horrible. Then I took the same picture again without the filter and details are way lot better.

In short, cheap polarizing filter does not fit with zoom lens and best fit with wide angle lens.

The picture above is shot in raw and post-processed with high-key settings.