Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is a 7 inch screen phone fit for you?

I thought of writting this article after using using my Galaxy Tab 7 as phone for 6 months. Below are my findings:

1. For people who has large pocket.
I'm a tall guy and fitting the galaxy tab into my pants was no problem. Or you don't mind carry a bag around for putting it in.

2. For people who does not always talk to the phone all the time or occasionally can leave the phone behind.
I don't make a lot of call and also not expecting a lot call. Even there is one, I usually use the earphone for talking, which is not convenient. (Anyway, there is a new version call the Galaxy Tab 7 plus which comes with a ear speaker, so you can take calls without using the earphone.) Speaking of not expecting calls, on lunch hour I leave my phone behind in the office because for all those months, there is no one call came in on that hour.

3. Screen size is your top priority; for video, games, reading and web browsing.
Seriously, I'm not going to let the phone sitting idle for all day waiting for call, which hardly any calls come in. The phone now can be use for reading, casual games, video and web browsing. Games looks much more better in 7 inch screen size compared to my friends 3.7 inch screen and the control is much easier too for Cut The Rope and Where's My Water game. This alone explain the rest for video, reading and web browsing.

In short, 7 inch screen phone is NOT for people with small hand/pocket, has to carry the phone all the time for calls and mobility is top priority.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

DVD player may not necessary needs hdmi

Just want to say that the old conventional DVD player video still works well on modern TV.

My home DVD player gone dead months ago. It was good,  it served my family well and it comes with a hdmi output. Most of our surprise was that hdmi connection where it does shows clarity compared to old DVD player. Until one day, the player got too heated and the picture on the screen started to black out occasionally. Finally, It becomes dead completely when I try to plug in the USB fan to cool it down (Don't try to plug into the USB port something that doesn't design for in the first place).

Well, from that day onward, we have been using mini hifi for DVD movie. Of course, I can hear complaint across the family board due to bad picture quality. "Enough is enough", said mom-in-law one day and decided to get one of the cheap DVD player available in the major store outlet.

RM 99, Sony brand, without hdmi but conventional cable with 3 color plug, small and slim form factor, comes with one year warranty, looked just the perfect piece for our living room. After the cable setup and initial DVD configuration, pop in a DVD, seat back and relax, then it was jaw dropping.

It was not just as good but even better than our previous hdmi DVD player. I don't know what Sony has done to make a cheap DVD so great but it sure worth every penny spent.

In the end, mom-in-law happy, I'm happy (I watched my movie on my laptop by the way) and I realized that hdmi shouldn't be one of the feature that affect DVDs player buying decision (Probably the price and the picture quality should be the buying decision, if you got the chance to test them on the spot).