Monday, March 15, 2010

Business trip nightmare

There is nothing more worse than step on a dog/cat waste at the wrong place at the wrong time.

It was a midnight flight to Cyprus. The taxi came around 11 pm. I rolled out my luggage and hand it to the taxi driver. It was dark. I couldn't see what was on the floor and board the taxi as I usually did.

Unfortunately, I have my camera bag with me and it is a DSLR type. I putted the bag in between my feet, just in case I might left it in the taxi, and the bag was "contaminated". I still have no idea until the driver and I start to smell something horrible. The driver pull aside and we went out to check where was the smell came from. To my embarrassment, I was the victim. I tried to get rid the "sticky stuff" as much as I can but we can't waste to much time on the side of the road.

We took off and the drive rolled down his side of window a bit just to put off the smell. This time, he drove much faster and the journey usually took 45 mins (in my usual experience), now become 30 mins. After we arrived at the airport, I tried to pay the driver and quickly rush to toilet to clean up the mess. Again, bad luck striked me again that the driver did not have small change. End up I have to run to the nearest currency exchange counter in the airport to look for change. I couldn't care much if there's any contamination on the airport floor but that smell has to be taking care off as soon as possible.

After the taxi fare is settled, I spent quite a while in the airport toilet just to clean up the mess. Although I didn't get rid smell completely (my dslr bag) but just enough not to draw any attention. I checked in, get a plastic bag from a store to wrap up my camera bag (to prevent any minor smell to spread. Thanks for my wife for this quick tip solution.) and then thought of finding a seat to have some rest. When I have a really good look on the flight departure sign board, my flight was in final call. I couldn't believe it since my flight was at 3 a.m. but the final call was at 1 a.m. I saw my colleague at the gate and only to find out the online ticket booking system has printed the wrong time for me.

Anyway, I boarded the flight with no much of troubles and heading to Dubai in 7 hours. After the transit, I was upgraded to business class as due to membership program and it made me feels that my bad luck as turned around. Having a champagne first time in flight, having a noise cancelling head phone, eye shade and almost fully streched seat for sleeping, finally there is a sweet dream at the end of the whole journey (only last for 4 hours but it is enough for me to forget the nightmare).