Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

It's new year eve. What can I do more to celebrate it but sitting on the couch at home, watching the count down on television, and seeing people get stuck in the fireworks event in Malaysia famous attraction. :D

Anyway, Happy New Year and may all your new year resolution become true. :P

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Undo delete

Update: There's a freeware called Recuva available which help you to undo delete for free. :)

I was being stupid the other day.

My wife just back from her business trip on morning Christmas and took a lot of pictures. She shown all of them to me and the photos taken are really nice and memorable. On the same day, we went out for shopping and took the butterfly picture using the same camera. To cut things short, we went home and I transfered the pictures while she was in the living room.

I saw some of the camera's picture in her laptop and I thought those pictures are already transfered. So, after I have finished transfer all the picture from the camera to my laptop, with the camera's picture source deleted, I permanent deleted my wife pictures in my laptop to save some space.

Something doesn't smell right.

After deletion process is completed, I rushed toward my wife and ask whether did she really transfer all her pictures. To my worst prediction has come true, she didn't transfer her last day photos to her laptop yet, which is a lot.

I guess what would everybody say at this moment. Sh*t!

I was being scolded awfully for being so stupid to delete her photo without her consent. That was really a dumb assumption that she transfered her photo immediately when she back to her hotel room, which she usually didn't - even at home.

With my head still attached to my neck, I was survived thanks to this software which called File Rescue. I knew that those permanent deleted files are actually still intact in the disk due to the file header are being marked as permanent hidden (According what I have learned from the Internet).

In short, I recommend people to have any file rescue software such as this if they frequently taking photos or transfer music. It may also help you to rescue file from being deleted by virus, accidentally deleted by yourself or like my case, rescued my life. :P

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


From Ivan's Photos

I took this picture at Mid Valley when my wife was shopping, waiting for her goods to be nicely packaged. I was waiting there and saw this light decoration just under my head.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas

Getting a Christmas tree but don't have any idea decorating it? I got 3 photos for your reference.

I hope those trees will spark your Christmas spirit and buy some gifts not just for your family and friends, but also for the needy.

Anyway, just want to wish all my family, friends and of course, you who reading this, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A day at the government office - 12/12/2007

So I'm going to break the surprises on this article. If you have to go to the government office for any issue, make it early. Preferably arrive at 8 o'clock - sharp.

This is what going to happen if you arrive at noon for renewing your mom-in-law's passport at the Damansara branch immigration office.

I and my mom-in-law arrived at the branch office around 12:30 PM (I took leave on that day). We went to the first counter to take our number after the staff checked our application with the appropriate document. Looking at the piece of paper, we have to wait for 80 people before we were able to submit our form. Keep in mind that there are round 20 counters and we thought this is going to be fast. Nope, it wasn't. There are less than half of the counters were open and one staff processing one application took like 15 minutes. My guess was that some of the staff were on lunch and the application is kinda complicated to process.

Suddenly, one of the staff show the system down sign on his counter and there were a announcement about it. That's too bad as there were 17 more before us and I was thinking of going home. My mom-in-law insisted of waiting since we came a long way. At that time, it was around 2:30 PM and we went to the nearby McDonald for lunch, as we don't know how long the system would back up again. After the 30 minutes lunch, we quickly went back to the office and luckily the system was back up again.

Then suddenly the whole office changed. People are rushing around and the number display jumping so fast as it was like stock market in bullish shape. In 15 mins, our number is called. (If you do the math before the system down, our number should be called around one hour. So what happened previously?) We went to the counter to submit our form, it took less than 5 mins. Yes, you read it right, 5 minutes! (So, what happened couple of hours ago? Should I called the X files team to investigate whether there are any extraordinary unidentified brainwave that caused staffs suddenly get so ultra productive. I really have no idea.)

By the time our number is called again to pay for the fee and collect the new passport, we was told to come back tomorrow because we submitted our application late. (!@#$%)

Although the government web site stated they open from 8 am - 4:30 pm, since you're not going to get your things done on the afternoon shift, considered they open from 8am - 11:00am.

ps: I thought of Damansara branch because it has the auto machine to processing the application, which is faster. I was wrong. We should have went to the Subang branch office as the processing is still took 2 hours to complete. :P

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Open House Gathering

My friend bought a new condo in Shah Alam and she invited us to her for a lunch. A free and easy style of lunch, which is the steamboat way. It was nice to see her house renovated and beautifully done. Although she stated that the furniture most of them are given by her relative, but for me, I think it still comfortable and seems new to me.

What I really like is the view from the balcony. Looking down from there is the condo's swimming where there are sound from small fountains splashing around the pool really gives one a relax feeling(except the occasional children playing the pool causing some noise). Plus the breeze coming from the balcony straight into the living room gives me a fresh feeling. Throughout the whole visit, I spend most of my time with others just at the balcony entrance where I believe it the best place to be or perhaps it was the Feng Shui there. I wanted to took some photo, but I was distracted by the view, the relax feeling and the chit-chat with friends.

I reached there about noon and some came late because the location was tricky for them. The food was nice because it was Tom Yam based, which is my favorite flavor for steamboat. Not to mention the hospitality of my friend who brought us room to room tour and explained her house buying and renovation experience.

Finally, I just want to say thank you for you, Zin Lu, for the lunch and great hospitality.