Sunday, September 27, 2009


I took it on my Perth trip using Canon Ixus 55 in macro mode. Done some minor sharpening and cropping using Picasa. :P

These flowers can be found at everywhere near household. It seems like Perth people loves to grow this flower.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Perth 2009 Part 2

We went outskirt of Perth City (Margaret River) after couple of days in the city. Things we done were wine cruise, Araluen garden, Pinnacles, Chocolate factory, Macnuts, Yahava coffee, Fremantle town, Kalamandu market, Busselton Jetty, Cape Lavender and Olive Oil Factory.

Thanks for my wife's planning, the trip was a memorable. She also drove (most of the time) to Margaret River because I'm better in navigation :P (We have the GPS installed in the car but the map was not as good as we got from the tourism office). It seems we made a great team with this perfect roles collaboration for outskirt trip. :)


Araluen garden

Wine Cruise

Fremantle Town

Busselton Jetty

Cape Lavender

Mammoth Cave

Kalamandu Market


Perth 2009

I went to Perth for 10 days holiday trip and stayed at my sister's place. Overall, the trip is nice and peaceful. I'm looking forward on the next trip to go there again for my sister's wedding.

Perth City

At King's park

Sunday, September 13, 2009

NIssin Di466 Off camera flash test

I have published a review on this flash here and I finally got my chance to test out the slave mode of this flash. Before I go into details, here are some fact on using this flash as slave mode.

1. To remote trigger this flash, the camera built-in flash needs to be pop up - The Nissin flash has a built-in detector which required camere build-in to fire in order to trigger the slave mode. Some photographer may find this annoying as they don't want to use the camera built-in flash for their shot.
2. The remote trigger may not be working under bright sunlight - As stated in the manual.
3. The flash will position it's focal length on 35mm when in slave mode - This means that the GN number will be different compared to the full flash power GN number. (35mm, ISO100, GN=22 meters/72 feets)

Based on the fact, this flash on slave mode is best used for indoor as main light source, with camera built-in flash as fill light.

Camera setting (Nikon D40)
Manual Mode (to fix the exposure) on tripod, 1/2 second shutter, 5.6f, ISO 200, Focal Length 55mm, Auto White Balance. One Nissin flash Di466 set to slave mode 1.

Hedgehog tissue box on tripod, 1 meter away from white wall.

Test result

No flash

Camera built-in direct flash. Shadow fall behind subject.

>Slave flash positioned at lower back of the subject at 1/16 power. Slight shadow fall behind subject.

Built-in flash set to -3.0 flash compensation. Slave flash at camera right. No more shadow.

Built-in flash -3.0 comp. Slave flash at camera left.

Built-in flash -3.0 comp. Slave flash 1/8 power at subject right.

Built-in flash -3.0 comp. Slave flash 1/8 power at subject left.

Built-in flash -3.0 comp. Slave flash on full power, points towards ceiling, at camera top.

Built-in flash -3.0 comp. Slave flash at 1/8 power at lower front subject.

In conclusion, the Nissin Di466 slave mode really worked well for indoor off camera flash photography. I believe above photos can be improved by configure the flash properly plus some accessories (reflector, light meter, umbrella, etc). Nevertheless, this article has proved what the flash can do and now it leaves to your creativity on how you can do better.