Sunday, November 23, 2014

TIDAL High Fidelity sound test

I did the test yesterday and I got 3 out 5 correct. I did the test again (second try) today and also got the same result. 3 out of 5 correct. The third try I was confident with my result, without waiting for the song to finish and submit my choice except the Dixie Chicks track that I had to listen twice.

In the end, I got all 5 tracks ticked.

Go to here for sound-check your equipment or system to see whether you can hear the difference.

Have fun.


My gear:
Cmoy amp with Shure SE215

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Woman and her dog at Putty Beach

Last Sunday, I joined my friends on a bush walking trip from Putty Beach to Bouddi National Park and back. 

At the beach, I saw a woman sitting there with a camera attached with a long zoom lens taking photos of people on a surfing board in the sea. Her dog dug a hole not far away from the Green Surfing board and got back to her when it saw us coming.