Monday, October 10, 2005

See any UFO lately?

My secondary friend: “Do you still remember my name?”
Me: “Sorry, it seems that I’ve forgotten your name.”
(Actually, I wanted to say. “I was abducted by alien and they brainwashed me. I’ve forgotten all my secondary school friend names except faces.” Hopefully this will works for me to divert the embarrassment to a UFO issue if I ever see a secondary school friend again.)

Just now I saw a familiar faces after I have made my coffee (I usually get fatigue after lunch, and I need a cup of coffee to keep me awake. But sometimes, even the coffee had failed me) and walking out from the pantry. I saw a girl with a familiar face sitting on the reception sofa, as she was waiting for an interview, and suddenly I recognize who she was. I walked towards her, greeted her (without her name) and she quickly recognize me as well. The first issue we talk about (and always the same issue) is that, it’s been a long time I didn’t went back to my hometown. (I wonder whether I was wanted in Kuantan because it seems that everybody knows I’ve been missing from Kuantan for quite sometime.) I told her I’ve settled down in KL and seldom went back to Kuantan.

I asked her about the rest of my secondary school friend. Fortunately, she’s still in contact with others and I was able to get some news about them. It great to hear one of them married in Penang and others went into professional work line: such as biochemical and engineering. After that, we exchanged phone number and I wish her luck in her interview before I went back to my work place.

So, where did the above dialogue took place? It happens when we exchanged our phone number and she wanted me to key in my name in her phone. It seems that I’m not the only one who forgotten the names. (Or maybe I was wrong) :D

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm going to miss you, morning sun shine

In the evening before going home, suddenly I smelled alcohol in my place and it puzzled me. Then I just turn to my manager, who just sits near me, and asked what that smell is. He told me it was alcohol and he was been drinking just now in a karaoke session. I thought it was true (I’m slow when taking jokes from my manager); then later I found out from the company announcement that our software final release testing was a success. In the picture from the announcement, shows there are couple of wine bottle on the table with all the testers (Unfortunately, I’m not one of them) and managers. It was great to see that the software has finally become more stable, reliable and ready to be in pilot phase. That leads to; tomorrow my working hour will be back to normal. From 1030-1930, changed to 0900-1800. (Can’t they just make up their mind? By the way, it just one more day to go) Anyway, I prefer the previous working hours where I woke up naturally (I was woke up by the light of morning sun shine) instead woke up by that noisy alarm clock.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Peak Hour & Lost Contacts

Peak hour
I was told by my manager last week that there is a new time schedule. Everybody in my team has to come at 10:30 am in the morning except him where he has to come at 9 am. Therefore, I left my house this morning at 8 am, where I estimated I’ll reached to my workplace at 9, one hour plus earlier before I start to work. (I like to take my time to walk slowly; surf some internet news or magazine site before I start to work.) When I hop into the 8:30 am STAR LRT train, there is no sit left for me. For me, I was surprise cause I usually able to get a sit when I took the 7:30 am train. Then it gets even worse after the train has passed 3 stations where people keep coming and there’s no one getting out. It becomes so packed like a can of sardine until I can see people skip the train after there is no more space to squeeze in. (The roof, perhaps?) After this experience, I realized that there is a peak hour for this train which I didn’t know. I’ll take the 9 am train tomorrow and see what will happen then. Hopefully I can find a sit then. (Else I have to stand for at least ten stops before I reached my station)

Lost contact
I had an easy task for today’s work, where I was needed to do a documentation review. The truth is, it was boring. It will get excited if there was an emergency on the software and the documentation is needed desperately. Anyway, the review is needed to be done before it will be release for the customer. Since it’s not an urgent task, I login into a community site, which I not really active on it, just to kill the bore after reading couple of technical pages. I was lucky that after searching into my friend’s community, I found my secondary school classmate wedding photo. It was like nth years that we didn’t contact to each other. From the photo, I start digging and found some long lost contacts as well. It is understandable why this would happen (sadly) because I didn’t go back to Kuantan (my hometown) after I was graduated from my secondary school. All my relative, college and university are in KL. My parent usually came to KL instead we (children) go back to Kuantan for any event celebration. Beside that, I didn’t get any contact number or address from them before I left my school. Anyway, it’s great to see the newly wed couple and the others as well. Thanks to the extra friend community that helped me find back those long lost contacts.