Monday, June 30, 2008

Brisbane trip - Tamborine and O'Reilly

My wife likes to go natural trip or jungle tracking. So, we booked a trip from the information center to Tamborine Town and O'Reilly trip. The package costed about AUD80 and we think it's really worth it (after the trip).

On that day, we have to wake up in early in the morning to Roma Street Train Station because the a coach will pick us up there at 8:45am. There were other tourist as well and that made us around 7 passengers per coach.

The first stop was the Opal shed, where you can find all the opal in different size and color. We were regrouped as people have their own different package, we were join to a the O'Reilly group and headed to Tamborine Town.

The itenery for the whole trip: Tamborine Town, O'Reilly, Alpaca Farm, Wineyard. Check out the photo below.

One of the shop house in Tamborine town.

In O'Reilly, there is tree where you can climb up and it's really high up there.

The alpaca farm

The wineyard.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Brisbane trip - City Hall

This was the day where went back to the beer brewery factory after making the reservation. No photograph is allow in the tour and therefore we only able to take photo outside of the office. The tour last about an hour and then we headed to the city again. We went to the city hall, stopped by couple of churches and finally the River Walk Way.

(Click on the picture for more photos or zoom for closer look)

I seldom drink beer but I like to know how they make.

A church nearby the city hall.

The city hall

A look from clock tower in city hall.

The Story Bridge. If you look closely the are people on top of it.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brisbane trip - Roma Street Parkland

This day, we planned to go to the Beer factoury tour at Milton. It was a famous Queensland Beer called XXXX or 4X. We went there without reservation and to only find out that the next tour was 2 hours away. Therefore, we skipped the tour and went to Roma Street Parkland. (By the way, our trip so far are travel by train or bus. As you can see, it was easy to get around in the city with their efficient public transport system. Don't forget the offpeak ticket which costs cheaper to get it.)

The parkland is just a cross the street after got down at Roma Street Train Station and it's easy to find it. I got flu that day, so we didn't take much photos and it was starting to rain around 3 p.m. After the short tour, we head home early and took really good afternoon nap (to better prepare for next day plan).

The first thing that took our sight.

No idea what's the flower name but sure looked interesting.

No, those flowers are real.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brisbane trip - Lone Pine Tour

After the city tour on the day before, we finally found out how to go to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. I believe people won't consider me went to Australia without visiting the Koala and Kangaroo. So, we hopped in a bus and reached the park around noon. The entrance fee is AUD22 and trust me, it's really worth it.

At night, we went to the La Dolce Vita for dinner. It's a Italian restaurant and they served very good pasta and spaghetti.

Just in case you don't know where is it, there is a big billboard on the outside.

Yup, I finally saw it.

Not to forget them also

Me and my wife in the park.

La Dolce Vita restaurant

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Brisbane trip - Queen Street and Botanic Garden

In the morning, we went to a Italian restaurant for breakfast. After that, we went to Queen Street city information center get some detail for the next day trip. After we got our map and travel detail, we didn't go anywhere far and only went to nearby attraction that can be reached by foot.

At night, we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner and then went to South Bank for a walk. I didn't take any photo at South Bank because I was lazy to bring along my tripod. Anyway, we went back to South Bank next week early morning and took some photo there.

Below are some photos we took while walking on Queen Street and the Botanic Garden in the city.

Queen Street

Marines musical performance

Fruit juice stall

Botanic Garden

Tropical garden in the center of Brisbane city

Duck swimming freely. (Looks good on dinner table too :P)

Ships docked at the river nearby the garden