Monday, June 30, 2008

Brisbane trip - Tamborine and O'Reilly

My wife likes to go natural trip or jungle tracking. So, we booked a trip from the information center to Tamborine Town and O'Reilly trip. The package costed about AUD80 and we think it's really worth it (after the trip).

On that day, we have to wake up in early in the morning to Roma Street Train Station because the a coach will pick us up there at 8:45am. There were other tourist as well and that made us around 7 passengers per coach.

The first stop was the Opal shed, where you can find all the opal in different size and color. We were regrouped as people have their own different package, we were join to a the O'Reilly group and headed to Tamborine Town.

The itenery for the whole trip: Tamborine Town, O'Reilly, Alpaca Farm, Wineyard. Check out the photo below.

One of the shop house in Tamborine town.

In O'Reilly, there is tree where you can climb up and it's really high up there.

The alpaca farm

The wineyard.

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