Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Nail and staples

They are stuck on a wooden electric pole. Well, still, there are wooden electric pole found in Cyprus, which I find it rare in my country, unless you're in rural area. The place I live in Cyprus, is not a rural area.

Another flower (I think)

Monday, May 03, 2010

I will eat your food

Another embarrassing moment.

I was on my way back from Cyprus to Malaysia, riding in Business Class (luckily I got upgraded from economy). First thing I did, when I sit down confortably in my chair, was to put on my eye shade and went to sleep (It was midnight on that time). Occasionally I would open my eye shade to look around and see what's going on due to some noises. Beside me sat a middle east guy and I saw a plate of nuts on his arm rest. I wonder why mine (nuts) is missing. Probably the stewardess saw me sleeping and skipped the nuts for me. Then I went back to sleep.

After couple of hours sleep, I woke up because there are some noises due to stewardess is serving breakfast. My arm rest somehow has a plate of nuts and I picked them up and start eating. I took about 4 or 5 of them and waited for my breakfast. Then the middle east guy put his finger on the tissue below my plate of nuts and slowly drag back to his arm rest. The nuts was his! Somehow he was saving them because the plate was full of nuts and I thought it was mine. How embrassing. I appologized to him and try to forget the whole embarrassed moment.

For those who put your food on near me and make me feels those food are mine, I will eat them. So be careful. I should took those nuts and eat them all if given me second chance. :D:D:D