Monday, July 25, 2005

Back to myself

I went for the SQL certified exam today and things were really going quite well. It took me 3 days to prepared for the exam and all the hard work (I think i slept at home or playing computer games most of the time instead of studying :D ) really pays off.

One of the session when i was doing my revision, i felt bored. I took out my old, dusty pc games from the shelves and installed it into my PC. Well just to stop the boring feel. And guess what, those old games really turns me on. Of course, this required some skill to really pull me off from the hook to get back on track to study after couple hours of playing. (Gee... can't somebody just stop me?)

Anyway, i started to pick up games when i was young. I still remember the first and most popular games i haved played was the super mario 3 and sonic the hedgehog. (Still my favorite if i can get them on my hands.)

However i have stoped playing games after i have started working (It's been several years). This is because i feel that playing games was a waste of time and money. And I think most of the people agree with this statement. Playing games just involve you and the computer. No social or communication with other people. (Not really true if you're playing multiplayer games. :P) So, i started to pick up books, which is more informative than games, and start throwing away my game collection (only the non original ones).

So, after i have started picking back up the old games, i felt rejuvenate (i don't believe it at first but it's the truth). It's like a long lost feeling that have gone pass several years and now, it's back. (Of cause, this feeling has to be under contorl. Not like, playing games for 24 hours non stop. :) ).

Beside that, i heard from other people where they can't do certain thing they were used to do before. Example, high speed motorsport. This may caused by having a family or partner who tell them not to do those things anymore. Well, until the person who stop them to do those thing has passed away (touch wood) gives them the freedom to go back to do their own thing.

And this link back my statement that says "Playing games is waste of time and money" has died temporary. Just temporary. :P

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Don't ask me why it happens. I think most of the people out there doesn't even have an answer or make up one. Well, the problem is feeling down. I don't know why there's this feeling today. The head feels heavy (maybe caused by not enough nutrition? or is it cause by stress at work? Or using the brain too much lately? Or is it what they called burn out?) I have no idea what is the caused but there one answer that i'm looking for. How to get rid of it?

I've been studying couple self help quite some time but non of them is about managing stress. (assume that it was caused by stress) However, i currently been studying EQ or what they called the Emotional Intelligence. In the book they mention "how to use emotion to work with you". But so far all the thing regarding EQ doesn't mention about feeling down.

Well, i have come to conclusion that i have 2 choices. One, embrace it. Let the feeling as is it and think about this feeling soon shall pass away. Two, think of something happy, exciting. That might make the feelings better.

I have made my choice of number one. Thinking about this feeling shall soon pass away. This is because i think human is a creature of emotion. Feelings comes and go. Of course i wanted to have the feeling of happy all the time (would that make a person insane?) but that doesn't mean that i can't take the down feeling sometime. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Couple of days ago, I went to register for an exam to get a certificate that is required by my company. I have wanted to go this exam for a long time but just can't find the right time to actually take action for it (normal excuses as you can hear them everyday from other people. Example, "I wanted to quit smoking but just couldn't find the right time to do it". Yeah Right!). Anyway, the expenses for this exam can be claim from the company (Free exams! How good is that?). When I was keyed in the company system to get the benefit of having study leave just for going to the exam, I screwed things up. I was using the wrong system to do the process and I was a bit terrified. I found that out when my head manager ask me why this thing happens but that was on another issue. Without my manager knowing that I have screwed things up, I quickly ask my friend (who has taken the exam before), how the processes are done and quickly fix things up. I have managed to cover most of the mistake I have done, nevertheless there are some left that unable to be solved by myself. I think the only way to make sure things is 100% is corrected; I need to report the mistake to the HR staff and see whether they have any idea to help me solve the problem.

Then, I remember that I needed the receipt to claim the expenses which I forgotten for some time after the exam registration. I went back home and try to find where the receipt has gone. It took me while to actually find out where this piece of paper has left. The whole finding process is a bit frustrated to me because I hate finding things. And guess what, the price of losing that piece of paper would cost me a lot. (Why the exam was so darn expensive anyway?) J

But I learn something today and it was a good lesson for me. First mistake I have learned that before doing anything new, try to find any info or resources from document or friend. Unless there is no info or resources to help, then there is no choice but to make mistake and learn. Second mistake I learned that never looked down on piece of paper such as receipt. They might come in handy one day. Especially receipt for books, where we can have tax rebate by buying books.J
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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Yesterday i mention about no sweating after a class of yoga. However, today i went for the advance class and i can't believe what a big difference compare to yesterday class. My sweat is like, after a shower without drying myself up with a towel and straight go to wear a t- shirt. It feels wonderful. Maybe after all, i need to go for advance class instead of intermediate class to really get a good work out.

After the class, drive back to home and have my dinner at a mamak stall nearby my house(most of the time). My sis called and asked whether she can join me. NO doubt the answer is yes. She came and we have nice little dinner. We chat about how's her interview with the new company she've been long waiting to be accepted by them. But somehow she have doubt about it. Well, at first i wasn't so encourage her on getting that job after knowing what industry it involves (it's legal but i just don't like it). However, i do encouraged her to give it try. I said, "You don't know whether you like durian after you have tried it." Of course, there's a price to pay. I might spend money to get the durian. Spend some energy to get it open. After I have taste it, I might find it tastes ugly and wanted to spit the rest out of my mouth. After that, clean up the whole mess just to find out that I actually don't like durian. But what happens if I do like durian? It's like I have found a treasure and it feels like life isn't that bad after all because god made durian for us. Hooray!

I think life should be like that, trial and error. Keep the mind open to try new things. Accept changes. Don't afraid to make mistake. Just because by doing all these, i'm just finding the real me inside. To get to know myself better. :) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I went to yoga class after work as usual. Spending about an hour in the class and then going straight to changing room for shower before going back home. When i was changing my cloth, i can felt my t-shirt was still dry and that puzzled me. Am i doing any work out here? I can see other yoga participant are sweating in the class. I feel some sweat too but that just only a drop or two. Is that normal? Nobody cares by the way, but somehow i feel that i'm cheating. It feels like going to the gym have a couple of rest, didn't move an arm or leg, and then go straight back to home. The real thing is that i did join and follow exactly what the instructor do and somehow, i just won't sweat. Looking another way round, does a real work out have to be sweeat a lot? That also ponders me.

Basically, this also applies to some of my life senario. Example, working. Some people take quite some time to finish a job, but for some people they just need a minute or two to finish the same job. I'm a fast working person and sometime i just think whether i'm taking my job seriously. Or maybe i just need to slow down a bit to give myself a feel of "serious working". Anyway, i think all this is better to be judged by myself than by others people :D Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 10, 2005


It was early in the morning when we arrived to that place to begin our hiking adventure. 4 brave gentlemans and 4 brave young ladies has form a team for this adventure. The trip start with jungle tracking (or i can say bush tracking) and the starting point was easy. It doesn't required much of effort to go through the jungle track before we have our first stop. After we have couple of drinks and takes some photos like a bunch of tourist, then come to the serious hiking.

In the middle of the whole trip, everybody is sweating no stop. I can feel the sweat keep flowing out thru my head, hands and body. The breathing was fast and deep. I think this is because we're so excited that the moving pace is fast. To my surprise, the ladies is moving as fast as the gentleman. We went thru some rocky hil that required us to use both hands and legs in order to pass thru. In addition, the hill is very high, as you can see from the picture, and required some courage to get thru. Of course, for the first timer, no doubt there are fears for trying those "stunt". However, i heard one of my team member said to one of the girl who has fear, "If you can over pass this obstacle, you can do anything with no fear once we reach to the finish." What an encourgement, man! I must agree that, no matter a man or woman who has overcome his/her fear, he/her has evolved to another person.

Finally, we going down the hill to reach the final destination of the whole trip. And again, it's a jungle track and there are reward waiting for us. Tropical fruits free for plucking and eating! The variety of fruits includes rambutan, durian(able to see some, but not able to eat it), langsat (very sweet) and duku (not ripe enought to be eaten). One of my team member said, "See those ripe rambutan. I can hear them screaming for us to eat them." Hahahaha. I think this can be an encouragement for people who like fruits but not hiking to come for hiking.

After we have reach to the bottom of the hill, we went for indian food for lunch. The time was just nice because it was noon by then. We eat and chit chat in the restaurant until 2 in the afternoon. Each of us went back home with sense of proud and looking forward for the next trip again.

After the trip, I went back and go straight to bed. I feel very tired that day but with satisfactory. I slept from 3pm to 7pm then from 10pm to 9am in the next day. Hahahaha. This is the most satified sleep i ever had.

Friday, July 01, 2005

This picture was taken in Rotterdam and I like Bryan draws the smiley at the lower right corner. :)

No need introduction for this one. :D

Roxette, my favorite band in the 80s. This picture was taken when i was on my trip to paris