Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I went to yoga class after work as usual. Spending about an hour in the class and then going straight to changing room for shower before going back home. When i was changing my cloth, i can felt my t-shirt was still dry and that puzzled me. Am i doing any work out here? I can see other yoga participant are sweating in the class. I feel some sweat too but that just only a drop or two. Is that normal? Nobody cares by the way, but somehow i feel that i'm cheating. It feels like going to the gym have a couple of rest, didn't move an arm or leg, and then go straight back to home. The real thing is that i did join and follow exactly what the instructor do and somehow, i just won't sweat. Looking another way round, does a real work out have to be sweeat a lot? That also ponders me.

Basically, this also applies to some of my life senario. Example, working. Some people take quite some time to finish a job, but for some people they just need a minute or two to finish the same job. I'm a fast working person and sometime i just think whether i'm taking my job seriously. Or maybe i just need to slow down a bit to give myself a feel of "serious working". Anyway, i think all this is better to be judged by myself than by others people :D Posted by Picasa

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