Monday, February 21, 2011

Half an hour hassle just for 4 cents

I got a letter from Maybank stated that my 4 cents balance amount has been overdue. To my shock, this 4 cents wasn't stated anywhere in the online banking list of account nor in the e-statement. After a call to the bank, I and my wife got to know that the 4 cents is actually a bank charges on my credit card balance transfer. Argument happened in the phone between my wife and the operator as my wife was concern on our credit point deduction in National Bank due to late payment. Finally, we ask for the manager to handle this case (by issue a letter) because clearly, we have no idea there is a balance and it can't be seen thru online banking nor e-statement. Thus, we can't make the payment.

Today, I went to the bank just to make the 4 cents payment and out of my expectation, there is traffice jam and no parking lot. It took me half an hour to get a parking and another 15 mins to settle the amount. Is it worth the hassle? I just shake my head and couldn't believe why Maybank system unable to show the 4 cents balance and allow me to settle it thru online banking.