Monday, September 18, 2006

Beware of SPY

SPY. They are everywhere. If you know who are they, they are no longer SPY anymore (duh!). With the widely used today's technology, which is the internet, they creep into our computer and steal our information. The fact is, there is nothing much to lose except we lose couple of cash (maybe more) and somehow we have no idea why we went bankrupt (identity theft).

The real fun began when i found out that my computer in my office started to act strangely this morning. I have uninstalled a misc software, which i have no idea where it came from and when did i install it, and i suspect that my computer has a spyware or whatever that hijacked my computer and install some software that i have no interest of using them. I did, which most people would do, uninstalled the program, download anti-spyware and clean up my computer. It did found one spyware and i killed it with the tool.

After my lunch, i opened my computer and it appeared again. I was freak out! Since I have used the task manager quite sometime, so I started to scan the processes which are not quite familiar to me. I found some new processes and start checking them on the internet. Guess what i found, client tool that used for monitor workstation. The tool is for preventing workstation from being installed any miscellaneous or pirated software.

OK, to put myself in my company shoe, I do understand why they want to do that. BUT. THIS IS A BIG BUT. We are not informed regarding the software. No memo. No annoucement or whatsoever to inform us the poor (exclude those who are earn more than 5K) and naive workers. What is the difference between those client tool and spyware? None.

However, i found a way to stop their monitoring and it is quite simple. Pull the networking plug. :D

*Updates - 24th Sep 06*
After someday using my workstation, I have more discovery. The misc software wasn't installed by the client tool. Instead, it was installed during my company software new releases. The idea was the same as some of the downloadable software in the internet, which offering Google/Yahoo toolbar that comes with along with the installation package. This means along the installation, you have the option to choose whether you want to install those add on software. Perhaps my company software new releases does not support those option interface yet (plus no annoucement) or perhaps it still under development/testing stages, therefore it leads confusion to me.

Nevertheless, the official spy is still remains. :P

Friday, September 01, 2006

Back to academy

I've been working for 2 companies. So far from I've learn from my education on pursing for my degree, the stuff learned from there and to apply in the real world seems to have a large gap. From my point of view, it seems like only 20 – 30% of knowledge is applied but about the rest of 70 -80%? What is missing here? Are the stuff we have learned in university should taken seriously to only 20-30% where the rest seems to be useless? Anyway, I came to 3 points why it was so.

First, knowledge that not able to learn from books. It's true that the the things we have learned may not cover all up in the real world. I was taught how to use VB to write program but i was never taught how to write program appropriately. Example, you were taught how to use the hammer, but you're not taught how handle the nail until you've learn from hammering your finger. :P

Second, return of investment. The company that hired me want to see result fast. So fast that none of the things learned can be applied except programming skill or testing skill. Application has to come from the hot oven first and the rest talk later. Sounds like a famous quote 'shoot first, talk later'. :D Nevertheless, this leads to more problem such as things was not done as designed, changes was too fast that cause more error to other module or perhaps more negotiation skill is required to negotiate with the customer for more time instead of putting more effort for the whole development cycle. (Why don't the university include the syllabus of negotiation into IT field? :D )

Thirdly, training provided / certificate required. Nowadays, company more or less would like to provide training to us or specific certificate is required, which are not taught in the university, in order to handle the job. The question is, why spend time on syllabus/knowledge that we're most likely not to use, where the company who is going hire us already providing them? Or perhaps we should go for the certificate instead of getting that degree?

Couple of days ago, i picked up the books that i have learn from my university, things was seems so clearer than before. I believe this is because when we was learning, we have no idea how it was suppose to apply into the real world until we faced the real world. When I read it, I found out that there were so much more than just writing program. So much more to learn and re-learn. I feel myself was like cocooned all these years not knowing that things can be improve so much more from the way they are now.

Finally, things taught in school may not be applied to real world but it's good learn them back again. Perhaps picking up one academy book from your old dusty book shelve and you might found some gems lying there waiting to be found again.