Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Disgusting lunch

Do you have any experience that strange thing in your soup, which you thought it was raisin, happens to be fly?

That's happened to one of my colleague on lunch today. He ordered a his favorite fried Singapore Mee Hoon at our usual restaurant. When the food arrived, he ate very fast because he said he was very hungry. Although he found a strange thing on half way eating, which he thought was a vegetable branch, he picked it out and kept on going. When he almost finished, one of my colleague start noticing the "branch" he picked aside. To my colleague's shock – and some laugh, it was a 3 inch red color pencil. The victim started to examine the pencil, it proved to be a red color pencil because there were red marks on the plate. It wasn't so obvious in the beginning due the food color has a mild red coloring, until my colleague sat next to him found out.

Other colleague suggest to take photos on the food using their camera, just in case the shop owner does not want to bear the responsibility. After the food was shown to the waiter, he apologized on behalf of the kitchen staff and treated us the lunch. As for my poor colleague, he got a free fruit dessert from one of us as a token of kindness.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

No free Wifi

Sitting in the Coffee Bean shop in Jalan Semangat(PJ), I am writing this while enjoying my sips of Vanilla Latte using Open Office. It was kinda disappointing because the cafe provide Wifi internet connection; member registration - plus a fee - is required in order to use the Wifi service. Not good.

Business is hard; offering free Wifi service for a customer, who bought a regular size Vanilla Latte, seems too costly for them. Or perhaps every services provided in business should charge on the customer, which is typically style of Malaysian business.

Luckily, I found a 'default' connection shows up in my wireless list but it only last for 2 minute. After that, it was 'page not found' error shows up in my Firefox browser.

Not all hope is lost, there are free hotspot in other cafeteria such as Starbuck. However, I still wonder why Coffee Beans don't want to offer this service for free? I hope they will change their mind one day and offer free wifi service as one of the way to attract customer.

Update: I heard that I need to check with the counter to get the username and password to get access the wifi service. By the way, Sunway Piramid currently offering free wifi service called the p1. Free service is extended till 17th of Feb 2008.