Thursday, October 12, 2006

It got to be Wii

I think some people who had heard about the game console war, especially those gamers. For those who has not heard about, let me explain the 3 contestants.

First contestant is from Microsoft, which is the Xbox 360.
Second contestant is from Sony, which is the Playstation 3.
Last but not least and also my favorite contestant is from Nintendo, which is the Wii.

There are not much revolution from the first two except they are both designed for hard core gamers. However, for Wii, the age of players can range from child to senior. Check out the video below.

Nintendo Wii - Wii Player Video #1
Nintendo Wii - Wii Player Video #2

Monday, October 09, 2006

Eye twitch

I got some eye twitch these couple of days. First, i thought it was some bad/good luck was coming according to some old superstition. But, I'm more to the science guy. Here's what I found about eyelid twitch.

Cause: fatigue, stress, and caffeine.

I think most likely it was cause by caffeine. So, start drinking more coffee and get your eyelid dancing. :D