Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thursday afternoon movie

These days in Malaysia, it hard to get a movie ticket by just going to the counter and cue (in shopping mall). Usually, the cue is either long and by the time I got my turn, only the front row left for my favorite movie show. The other way is to book the ticket by phone or online. I've tried the phone but it seems not working when I tried to collect my booking ticket (my phone number is missing). For the online method, I need to book one day earlier, which doesn't work for me either as I only thought of watching movie within the same day (Obviously, I'm not a movie junkie).

So, what if you have a chance took leave on weekday for doing some chores or some other purposes that leave you a whole free afternoon? If you wondering, I suggest go watch a movie, especially those notorious hard to get a good seat movie theater.

PS: The movie I watched that day, "Angel and Demon" in Sunway Pyramid. Should have gone to Mid Valley instead.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Beware of con artist while travelling

This was about a conversation that I have with my colleague the other day. On one his travel experience, he talked how the con artist try to con him.

The trick is simple. There is a local guy walks in front of them. Suddenly, he dropped a big roll of money without notice. Meanwhile, the victims (my colleague and his local friend) was walking right behind has noticed that money. While my colleague's friend trying to pick up the money, he smelled trouble. Nevertheless, he shouted the guy in front and returned the money. The con artist thank gratefully to them and left.

Now is the trick. Later the same guy come back with a con policeman. He showed his badge that identified himself as policeman and asked where the "other" roll of money which has been missing (Now you see). Argument broke out between my colleague and them. The con policeman asked my colleague to show all their money to prove the money was not taken and my colleague refused to do so.

In the end, due to a lot of crowd passing by, both con men just let my colleague go (not sure how long the argument broke out in the street) and it all happened in one of the common street in a city, under day light.

In short, if this happened in one of your traveling, just pretend you didn't see the money and walk the opposite direction. Do not do anything suspicious, even bending your body, that gives the con artist a chance to search your wallet or body.

PS: I didn't mention the city as this might happened any of the country.