Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thursday afternoon movie

These days in Malaysia, it hard to get a movie ticket by just going to the counter and cue (in shopping mall). Usually, the cue is either long and by the time I got my turn, only the front row left for my favorite movie show. The other way is to book the ticket by phone or online. I've tried the phone but it seems not working when I tried to collect my booking ticket (my phone number is missing). For the online method, I need to book one day earlier, which doesn't work for me either as I only thought of watching movie within the same day (Obviously, I'm not a movie junkie).

So, what if you have a chance took leave on weekday for doing some chores or some other purposes that leave you a whole free afternoon? If you wondering, I suggest go watch a movie, especially those notorious hard to get a good seat movie theater.

PS: The movie I watched that day, "Angel and Demon" in Sunway Pyramid. Should have gone to Mid Valley instead.

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