Thursday, August 07, 2008

Brisbane trip - Noosa Head

Finally, this is the last post for the whole Brisbane trip. We went to Noosa Head after my wife found there are some attraction along the way there.

Scarbough boat harbor. Remember to stop by Morgan Seafood for the fish and chip.

A giant pub even my camera can't fit the size and it's sunny there.

Giant pineapple. One and only one.

Eumundi Market just across the street.

At Noosa Beach. One of my favorite photo.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Brisbane trip - Bayron Bay

We rented a car and our plan was headed to Bayron bay, the most easterly point of Australia. But before that, we went to Honeyworld and Tropical Fruit World, except we didn't enter the farm. Why? Because we need get the ticket and we think the price is rather over our budget. Anyway, we stopped by couple of beaches on our way and in the end, we reached to the Bayron Bay lighthouse.

Honey and bees.

Unable to locate tropical fruit world? Look for the huge green fruit sign.

Bayron bay lighthouse.

My favorite picture of the lighthouse. The dark cloud is just nice as the lighthouse is more standout in the picture.

Have I been to the most easterly point of Australia? Here's the prove.