Friday, July 25, 2008

Brisbane trip - South Bank

South Bank has a park that's worth visiting because it has an artificial beach. There also some event has been held here, which I believe there is a convention center nearby. A circular stage that is also located just nearby the beach, where we found there are people practicing their performance.

There is where we are.

Artificial beach comes with real coconut trees

Walk pass the beach and there is the city.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brisbane trip - Australia Zoo

For the animal lover, Australia Zoo is where you want to stop by when traveling in Queensland. The entry ticket is rather expensive (It's around AUD50) compare to other animal park. Nevertheless, it does has it's value like the animal show and the place is huge so there are more animal to watch for. Even animal is not your cup of tea, finding out the background about the famous "The Crocodile Hunter", who is one of the icon of Australia, proves to be worth while.

They said the zoo has fierce crocodile and what I saw was this.

Until I saw this.

The brochure in my hand sure attracts it to take photo with me.

It's a fake but the size of the jaw looks incredible.

She is shy and that's the closest it gets.

Brisbane trip - Surfer Paradise (Gold Coast)

I hope we spend more time on Surfer Paradise but that day was bright and hot. Later we end up where women will probably wouldn't missed out, Harbor Town. Somewhere like a factory outlet shop where high quality good sold in normal civilian affordable price. (My wife dragged me there for five times in our whole trip. :P )

The sun is bright and you need sun glasses.

I find that my outfit is improper for the scene.

Souvenir shop. Lots of stuff.

Famous known HardRock Cafe.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Brisbane Trip - MovieWorld (Gold Coast)

We skip the trip to DreamWorld as my wife does not like too exciting coaster ride and we ended up going to MovieWorld instead. In the end, she really enjoy herself in the cartoon world and myself, found couple ride that's really gives some excitement but not too scary for family ride.

Tweety Bird has grown. :P

Sorry kids, we're going to steal your ride.

Dance performance. Not to be missed. Sorry on the flare in the photos.

Not for the fainted heart.

My favorite photo on the cat women, hopping on her whip.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Brisbane trip - Seaworld (Gold Coast)

Seaworld. A place shouldn't be missed when in gold coast.

Not sure what this called but I heard it's a endanger species.

Under water aquarium. There is a cage behind where the staff are feeding the sharks.

Sea lion show.

A model ship - for tourist to take photos.

The Dolphin show. My favorite one.