Sunday, August 23, 2009


My wife's slipper. Not sure where the other went.


Caught these shots on morning using my p&s. One with wide angle and the other is telephoto.

Wide angle seems to caught some distracting background but seems to work well using the macro mode.

Although the angle is now norrower but telephoto zoom unable to get close to the subject.

Conclusion, wide angle shot seems to have better result because of closer view and works better with macro mode.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I think it will last another year before I slip and fall on wet floor.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Difference before and after enhanced photo

Using GIMP of course, which is free by the way. Tips and tricks learned from here.

Before (Original photo)


Amateur level of photo editing, but it's a start.

Bubba Gump at the Curve

I went there for a lunch, on last Sunday. Nice place (Uncle's Chillis style), good food except the price, which a bit expensive for me.

Wall decor on my back.

"Never play golf with anyone who would question a seven". I'm not golf player, not sure what that means.

Decor on the side wall. "Run Forrest Run" is to let the waiter knows that you don't need anything. Flip the sign over and there's a "Stop Forrest Stop" to stop the waiter. Great idea, no waving hand.

The shrimp. I have forgetten the meal name.

Salmon steak with rice.

It's Lemonade with blueberry on the left and "Run Forest Run", a fruit shake.

PS: Photos were taken using my Canon Ixus 55 and some touch up using GIMP. ;)