Friday, June 29, 2007

Saved by ten cent

It's not that my life was so cheap that only worth 10 cent. It just happened today that I found a 10 cent laid on the floor as I was meeting up my friend at the LRT station.

The truth is, I have been picking up a lot of 10 cent at the train station, especially at Putra LRT station. (10 cent here and there, maybe someday I might get rich)

So, after our lunch and on our way back to the station, the ticket machine only accept small changes. Fortunately, the 10 cent came just nice with my other 90 cents to get myself a ticket. :P

Monday, June 04, 2007


Sunday evening. I was doing my groceries shopping as usual nearby my neighbourhood. I reached to the dairy department and wanted to get some juice. Then there was this old Chinese lady in front of my path with her trolly. She looked at me in the eyes and the first word came out from her mouth was: "Adik!"


My first thought was: I was so oooobbbbvious a Chinese race guy and why she would speak to me in Malay? Second. "Adik" is way too young for me. Do I really really looked that young?

Back to the story, I was shocked for a second after hearing the "Adik" and tried to help her whatever need she might come across. It seems she was looking for butter and I told her that the butter shelves is under renovation. (evil laugh: Hahahaha. That's for calling me "Adik") She looked disbelief so I told her to go that section and ask again.

By the way, I found old people hard to believe my words especially granny because this had happened to me before. I bet it must be the false age group that I'm projecting to people, even with this granny falls into it. :P