Friday, May 04, 2007

Bug reporter

I filed my first bug report to Gnome after I experienced a critical crash. The bug reporting tool just pop up on the desktop and I just write on what I did before the crash. After sending the report, I got back a response in 5 mins (wow). I play around with Beryl and the bug was gone. I went to the Beryl bug report page and did a search on my issue. It was a known issue and I replied my Gnome bug report stated it wasn't a Gnome bug. :P

Suddenly, I felt like I was being part a community (I also awarded with 1 point for being a reporter :D). I dug further more on the Gnome bugzilla site and I found all the contributors are from different background (wow).

That is really cool.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ubuntu experience for a beginner (Part 3)

After I have solved my problem in Part 2, I started to play around with Linux software management and also doing some research on the internet. I hooked up with Beryl, the desktop effect enhancer. My internet browsing, desktop application and instant messaging experience was never be same again. The amount of eye candy that Beryl can bring me was enormous. It's like my desktop has combined with Power Point effect plus more.

It even comes with a management tool allows me to customize it almost to every single detail (There are many setting so everybody can have their own customized desktop effect). I have no idea why those guys invented this awesome tool and made it to be free (It has a potential to make money with it). Perhaps it was open source that everybody can contribute their ideas; it showed so much of creativity.

When I switched back to windows just to migrate some files (transfer my vCard contact to Linux Evolution Mail), I felt boring; there isn't much fun as in Ubuntu + Beryl. It seems that my windows was left for supporting devices or softwares that are not supported in Ubuntu. Anyway, thanks to the Beryl and other open source software that brings so much fun to my life.

Finally, there are couple issues left but they are just small issue. I can live without them or I can switch back to windows and use it. Hopefully, that day won' t come. :D