Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Perth Trip 2010

My sister wedding in Perth on October. There are so much to tell but I let the picture talk the rest (a.k.a. Lazy).

From Perth Oct 2010

P.S. Taking photo is easy, blogging all of them is hard. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Writting thru cellphone

I have been missing in writting and post to my blog due to packed schedule and unconfortable environment (lame excuses, i know). Later, I found out a way to write using my phone and post the article later with less cost (no expensive smartphone and data plan).

1. Make sure your laptop and cellphone have bluetooth functionality.
2. Cellphone usually comes with notes application. My cheap nokia (2730 classic) note app can support up to 3k character.
3. After finished writting in notes, use the bluetooth function from cellphone and send the notes to laptop. Then post the article to web. (It works using ubuntu client by pushing the note to laptop, notes are stored in /home/public/).

Now I can capture any idea I have at any specific point of time, on road. This also give me less excuses not to write due to lack of tools and caused some great idea slip away.

P.S. 80% of this article is written using cellphone and the rest is edited using open office. I'm not sure why gedit unable to open the text file due to some strange character.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Old car

Having an old car is pain in the ass. This has been the forth time i've gone to the service center to get my air-cond fix.

First, i got the compressor changed and serviced the minor part. It wasn't cheap though. After a month, there wasn't any cool air coming out from the vent.

Back to the service center again, this time it was the leakage on the cooling coil. I have it changed. After 2 weeks, the problem still came back again.

Back the same place for the third time and the foreman unable to identify where is the leakage is. He re-filled the cooling gas without charging me and ask me to come back after 2 weeks if the air cond doesn't work again.

Now i'm at the service center again after 2 weeks (forth time) and he just told that one of the gas pipe is faulty and offer to be changed. He show me the part the is faulty and willing to have it without charging me the labour cost. I agreed and hope this will end this curse once and forever.

I bet everyone would scold the foreman for con or trying making a profit out of me. But then again, the car too bloody old (~20 years) and i couldn't blame all that on the foreman only. Maybe i should have change the car before this happen to me.

In short, saving money without buying a new car is good but spending time at the car service center is really a pain.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Preparing an article

I went to Perth to attend my elder sister wedding in October. Already past 2 weeks and I struggling to upload the photos and writing an article about it. Mind you, taking photo is easy but when it comes to organizing, editing and uploading it will going to take ages to get it done. In between, I also caught flu, took a day off and now having sore throat.

Well, the photos already uploaded half bunch, and still half bunch more to go. Probably I will get it done by this week. Hopefully.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kuantan Trip 201008

Kuantan sign on the other side of the river, which I made a joke with my brother that we're at the wrong side of Kuantan.

Sate from Satay Zul. Never miss this one if you're in Kuantan.

Kuantan's Wan Fo Tien Temple Garden.

At Teluk Cempedak beach at night. Nothing much to see except there is a small firework on that day. Firework photo taken by my brother.

Salted fish shop. Lots of variety.There is a another shop on the same block but this one is usually where we get our famous dried food, Keropok.

Mouse on bike. I wouldn't say that is Mickey because there is nothing resemble of it, especially the size.

There are more places for visit and food to be tried out for but it's a shame that I didn't know how to get there. Anyway, I will do more homework before go back to Kuantan again, especially the famous cendol stall. :P

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Nokia Ovi Suite is terrible

Last week, I bought a Nokia 2730 and so far the phone was working much as I expected until I tried to work on the Ovi Suite ver Before I go into the software detail, I'll just recap why I need this software.

The last working phone I used was a Sony Ericsson W910. The phone died suddenly so I bought this Nokia 2730. Unfortunately, all my contacts having strange name (e.g. Wang;Ivan/1). This problem is serious because sometime I couldn't locate the name I wanted to call.

Back to our Ovi Suite story. I needed the software to re-organize my contact name again and the problem is, to link up the phone with my PC is a pain. First, the USB cable wasn't included in the phone package. So, I went out and bought one. Second, I downloaded the Ovi Suite (~98mb) using my 512k DSL broadband and it took me 45 mins. Finally, I got everything in place but the phone still not able to link up. My Windows XP SP3 keep telling there is a unknown USB device and the Ovi software couldn't find my phone.

Here's my question, does Nokia's QA team really test this software thoroughly?

I tried couple of times using the software until I found a way to link up my phone.

Update 31/08/2010: Start the ovi software. Connect the phone to PC until you can select the 'PC suite' option in phone and WAIT til the ovi software able to detect the phone.
  1. Disconnect the phone. Close the Ovi software (Minimized to tray).
  2. Go to device manager, then uninstall the Nokia 2730 Classic driver and unknown USB driver.
  3. Connect the phone and let the software reinstall the driver again.
  4. Try couple of times until the Software recognize the phone.
This really a pain and story didn't end here. Organize your calender requires Windows Calender or Microsoft Office Outlook to be installed. I don't have Windows 7 nor Microsoft Office Outlook (Office 2007 home edition doesn't come with Outlook) and therefore I couldn't fully use the calender and tasks app in my phone. Furthermore, there's a new firmware update for 2730 (from 9.41 to 10.40. Update 14/08/2010: There's a new firmware release, which is the 10.45, has fixed the bluetooth issue. ). After the update, my bluetooth headset's sound become terrible. Choppy music track and songs become silent after 5 seconds play. Calls quality also suffers the same except it manage to get pass 5 seconds.

In my past experience with Sony Ericsson PC suite, the experience is way much better than Ovi. Although the Sony phone has some issue on reliability, but on the software side, it is much superior compare to Nokia's Ovi Suite in term of stability.

In short, if you're a person who like to sync your phone with your computer and do a lot stuff using the phone PC suite, consider other phone manufacturer before getting a Nokia.

Update 31/08/2010: I thought I'm the one who complaining, on Ovi blog website there are a lot user complaint about the Ovi software. I think Nokia is going to lose more customer if this keeps going.

Monday, August 02, 2010

3 new things for today

First thing is the new job. I have gone thru the induction day today and somehow I got a mix feeling. One thing is the internet access is not available in the workstation, which will kinda make the job a little boring (:p). However, the good side is, I'm driving to work now and there are no more congestion experience like in KTM train station on peak hours. There are no traffic jam driving from Subang to Cyberjaya and I can reached my office in 35 mins.

Second thing is I got is a new wardrobe, which I hammered it myself with some help from my wife. We bought the wardrobe from Carrefour and it was delivered on yesterday morning. The problem is, it took us 3 hours to assemble the thing and believe me, you don't want to do this again. Anyway, my new job requires me to wear formal and the new wardrobe really helps me to organize my shirts.

The third thing is I got is a new mobile. I thought of getting a smartphone but somehow I don't think the market is yet mature. I don't like Apple which is too common and propriety. Android is keep updating and some phone maker didn't update their old android phone (thought of getting the old model for cheaper price). Blackberry does not suit me because of the screen size and their new OS also just around the corner. So, in the end, I went for a classic Nokia phone, which has 3G and bluetooth, just what I wanted. I started using the new phone today and it worked charmingly.

Tomorrow it will be another training day. I hope it will be fun and perhaps more new things to be discovered.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now I'm at Cyprus airport lounge

My flight's gate will be open in another hour and my Emirate membership is just upgraded to Gold. The airline gives me the priviledge to use the Cyprus airport lounge. That's really nice of them.

Before that, I was working from 1 am till 3 pm and bit farewell to my colleague. I wished my manager and colleague good luck on mid of August where the project will be go live. Although I will be going back to my office in KL this Friday (to hand back the laptop, security cards and stuff), nevertheless it was a great (and stressful) experience to be here to make the project dress rehearsal a success (it still on going at this moment but I guess there is not much of issue found).

I felt heavy hearted but when I went out the building door and spread my arm, it was a really nice feeling. Tons of burden seems to dropped off from my shoulder and I never breath easier starting from that moment. I'm looking forward on my new job on Monday and starting over again with new colleague, new manager and new job environment.

Unable to sleep

I have been in Cyprus now for a week plus and later at 1 am Cyprus time, I will go to work until 10 am. I have been doing this for more than a week. Tomorrow morning is my last day of support and perhaps that's why I can't sleep now. Maybe due to eagerness on going back to Malaysia tomorrow after support or perhaps because of happiness that I felt that I'm finally leaving this stressful project for good.

I'll be arrived to Malaysia on Thursday afternoon and my last day with my current company is on Friday. Next week Monday I will be starting my new job in Cyberjaya and I'm looking forward for it.

Due to a hectic schedule on this project, it really took up my time to update this blog (actually, I spend more time on updating my technical blog). Hopefully, the new job will  gives me chances to travel or perhaps more time for myself to do my own travel. Good night.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Nail and staples

They are stuck on a wooden electric pole. Well, still, there are wooden electric pole found in Cyprus, which I find it rare in my country, unless you're in rural area. The place I live in Cyprus, is not a rural area.

Another flower (I think)

Monday, May 03, 2010

I will eat your food

Another embarrassing moment.

I was on my way back from Cyprus to Malaysia, riding in Business Class (luckily I got upgraded from economy). First thing I did, when I sit down confortably in my chair, was to put on my eye shade and went to sleep (It was midnight on that time). Occasionally I would open my eye shade to look around and see what's going on due to some noises. Beside me sat a middle east guy and I saw a plate of nuts on his arm rest. I wonder why mine (nuts) is missing. Probably the stewardess saw me sleeping and skipped the nuts for me. Then I went back to sleep.

After couple of hours sleep, I woke up because there are some noises due to stewardess is serving breakfast. My arm rest somehow has a plate of nuts and I picked them up and start eating. I took about 4 or 5 of them and waited for my breakfast. Then the middle east guy put his finger on the tissue below my plate of nuts and slowly drag back to his arm rest. The nuts was his! Somehow he was saving them because the plate was full of nuts and I thought it was mine. How embrassing. I appologized to him and try to forget the whole embarrassed moment.

For those who put your food on near me and make me feels those food are mine, I will eat them. So be careful. I should took those nuts and eat them all if given me second chance. :D:D:D

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Meal

It's almost twelve midnight and I've checked in to my flight to Dubai. After a call to my wife that I'm have safely reached the airport, I was hungry and wanted a light meal for supper. Guess what, I found Happy Meal in Mc'donald just happed to be the perfect fit. They are small meal, just enough for child's appetite. It came with a burger, drink, fries and a toy (which I don't really care about).

I went to the counter and ordered a happy meal. Everything seems fine until the staff ask a weird question. "The kid is a male or female?". I pointed myself using my thumb. The staff and the customer behind me both laughed.Well, I just smiled.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Just flowers

I took the photo while waiting for my taxi. On my way back from Cyprus to Malaysia.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Business trip nightmare

There is nothing more worse than step on a dog/cat waste at the wrong place at the wrong time.

It was a midnight flight to Cyprus. The taxi came around 11 pm. I rolled out my luggage and hand it to the taxi driver. It was dark. I couldn't see what was on the floor and board the taxi as I usually did.

Unfortunately, I have my camera bag with me and it is a DSLR type. I putted the bag in between my feet, just in case I might left it in the taxi, and the bag was "contaminated". I still have no idea until the driver and I start to smell something horrible. The driver pull aside and we went out to check where was the smell came from. To my embarrassment, I was the victim. I tried to get rid the "sticky stuff" as much as I can but we can't waste to much time on the side of the road.

We took off and the drive rolled down his side of window a bit just to put off the smell. This time, he drove much faster and the journey usually took 45 mins (in my usual experience), now become 30 mins. After we arrived at the airport, I tried to pay the driver and quickly rush to toilet to clean up the mess. Again, bad luck striked me again that the driver did not have small change. End up I have to run to the nearest currency exchange counter in the airport to look for change. I couldn't care much if there's any contamination on the airport floor but that smell has to be taking care off as soon as possible.

After the taxi fare is settled, I spent quite a while in the airport toilet just to clean up the mess. Although I didn't get rid smell completely (my dslr bag) but just enough not to draw any attention. I checked in, get a plastic bag from a store to wrap up my camera bag (to prevent any minor smell to spread. Thanks for my wife for this quick tip solution.) and then thought of finding a seat to have some rest. When I have a really good look on the flight departure sign board, my flight was in final call. I couldn't believe it since my flight was at 3 a.m. but the final call was at 1 a.m. I saw my colleague at the gate and only to find out the online ticket booking system has printed the wrong time for me.

Anyway, I boarded the flight with no much of troubles and heading to Dubai in 7 hours. After the transit, I was upgraded to business class as due to membership program and it made me feels that my bad luck as turned around. Having a champagne first time in flight, having a noise cancelling head phone, eye shade and almost fully streched seat for sleeping, finally there is a sweet dream at the end of the whole journey (only last for 4 hours but it is enough for me to forget the nightmare).

Sunday, January 31, 2010

North Cyprus

I was in business trip to Cyprus (South) again. We didn't rent a car, so we didn't go far and only manage to go to the old town by foot. We crossed the border to get some Turkish lunch, which is cheaper and much better service. Below are some of my favorite shots taken using my Canon IXUS.