Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Old car

Having an old car is pain in the ass. This has been the forth time i've gone to the service center to get my air-cond fix.

First, i got the compressor changed and serviced the minor part. It wasn't cheap though. After a month, there wasn't any cool air coming out from the vent.

Back to the service center again, this time it was the leakage on the cooling coil. I have it changed. After 2 weeks, the problem still came back again.

Back the same place for the third time and the foreman unable to identify where is the leakage is. He re-filled the cooling gas without charging me and ask me to come back after 2 weeks if the air cond doesn't work again.

Now i'm at the service center again after 2 weeks (forth time) and he just told that one of the gas pipe is faulty and offer to be changed. He show me the part the is faulty and willing to have it without charging me the labour cost. I agreed and hope this will end this curse once and forever.

I bet everyone would scold the foreman for con or trying making a profit out of me. But then again, the car too bloody old (~20 years) and i couldn't blame all that on the foreman only. Maybe i should have change the car before this happen to me.

In short, saving money without buying a new car is good but spending time at the car service center is really a pain.

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