Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year

Although it is been the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, I would like to wish everyone good health, joy, success, happiness and prosperity in this doggy year. :D

P/s: I got my room cleaned; my laundry got laundered; my workflow is lowered. The sun is really hot this Chinese New Year and I love it. ;)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Back to work

I went to Bali last Friday (20th Jan) and back to Malaysia on Tuesday midnight(24th Jan). On next morning I woke up and went back to work as usual. Suddenly I felt my life was like out of alignment.

I have my schedule all planed up for every weekend however, only 5 days i have gone and my room is a mess. I had a bag of laundry brought back from Bali and it is still in the laundry basket. My car was gone because my brother borrowed it and haven't returned it yet. I ended up driving my sis car to the LRT station. When I back to work, I saw my work is piled up, things need to be done quickly and everything seems to be urgent. Just 5 days i have gone for God sake. Not to mention I have some explainations need to be done for my girlfriend on why I didn't call her on my trip.

So, if you usually have your day all planned up and suddenly you have a vacation for week. Be prepared when come back from you vacation because that's where you nightmare begins.

p/s: I just remember i have to compile my Bali trip and put it on my blog. *Sigh* That's going to take sometime.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm in a magazine!

'Faces' magazine. 2006 January issue. I'm in the center picture. ;)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stupidity is unavoidable

Do you have the experience as what is written below before?

I woke up in one of the morning as usual. Brushed my teeth, took my shower, dressed up, ate my breakfast and drove to work. I reached to my office and I saw nobody was in the office because I’m the earliest to arrive. I checked my email, read the news and started my work. I checked my watch and the time have passed the working start time. I check my surrounding, and there still no one here yet. Then I started to think,

“Where are those people? They should be here by now.” *confuse*

10 minutes have passed. Then I started to think again.

“Something doesn’t seem right.”

I checked the calendar and even phone my colleague, then I only found out it was holiday that day. :D

If the above scenario is really true, then I’ll be the laughing stock of the company (I think it did happen to me before, just can't recall when is that). However, a similar scenario did happen to me. I was supposed to conduct training for a group people. I moved my PC, monitor and everything needed in the presentation. I set the whole thing up in the training room and waited for the people to come. The room doesn’t have any network connection, therefore I can’t use messenger program to communicate with the attendee. Later I found out that the training was supposed to be on tomorrow after I’ve checked it with one of the attendees. I laughed at myself and think this is one of the silliest things I ever did.

p/s: What comes from has to go back. I stopped laughing after I know I need to move back my stuff from the training room back to my place.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Love confession of a Boy

Boy: “Girl, there are something I wanted to talk to you a long time ago.”
Girl: What is that?

“What are the characteristics you will look for in a boyfriend?”
Charming, Handsome, Wise, Smart…

“Do you think that I have those characteristic?”
*Blush* I think you have

“If I want to be your Boyfriend, would you accept me?”
*Avoid eye contact* Eeerrrr…..

“It seems to me that it’s hard for you to say it out. Let me put it this way. Imagine there are sugar and salt on the table. If it is a yes, you put one spoon of sugar into your coffee. If it is a no, you put a spoon of salt into your coffee.”
I’ll put two spoon of sugar then.


This dialogue looks a bit old fashioned, out dated and a bit of drama usually seen from those Hong Kong series. Hey! It works on me recently “and I’m one of the successful examples of it” (Word within “” quote are written by my girlfriend). I hope it works for the guys who reading this. ;)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Forget 2005, Meet 2006

Okay. It’s been 5 days past the New Year and I haven’t said a word in here. So what I’m going to say right here, as usually what people will says, Happy New Year. I know it’s a bit late but I heard some people still have the Christmas mood even until this day.

By the way, I have read sally’s blog (in Chinese) and she wrote about her 2005 review. 2005 wasn’t a good year for her but for me, I seem to forget what had happen in 2005 except those which are written in my blog. This brings up one topic that I would like to discuss it here which is forgetfulness.

I have a friend who reminds me about something that normally people shouldn’t forget. Somehow, I just can’t remember it. Example, the coming Tuesday was holiday. Everybody knows it and I know it too. However, when I said to my friend that I’m going to come back work on that Tuesday, she laughed at me. (There are some other cases too, as you see, I forgot. Hahaha)

Well, I have a habit of, when I recall something I need to get it done, I will start doing it right away; or at least jot it down into my PDA for it to remind me. The good thing about this was, it eliminates procrastination and it helps me to get things done eventually. As for things that cannot be done straight away or it wasn’t jot down in the PDA, usually it was those not urgent and not important things.

With this practice, it can be used for personal advantages. Here are some examples I can think off currently

1. forget rejections/humiliation
This one is especially for the guys. If you can master this skill, you either become rich or popular with girls.

2. forget mistake done by self or others.
Life goes on. Time should spend thinking what’s coming ahead instead staying in the past. That’s why I didn’t do well in my history subject. :P

3. forget pain
No pain no gain. Forget the pain; you will sure get a lot of gain. :D

4. forget gossip
That’s how you can keep your friend’s secret, so they can keep on telling. :D

Finally, I think there are tons of stuff we need to remember (e.g. brush your teeth every morning) and I believe it is okay to forget some of it because your family or friends can help you by remembering them for you.