Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stupidity is unavoidable

Do you have the experience as what is written below before?

I woke up in one of the morning as usual. Brushed my teeth, took my shower, dressed up, ate my breakfast and drove to work. I reached to my office and I saw nobody was in the office because I’m the earliest to arrive. I checked my email, read the news and started my work. I checked my watch and the time have passed the working start time. I check my surrounding, and there still no one here yet. Then I started to think,

“Where are those people? They should be here by now.” *confuse*

10 minutes have passed. Then I started to think again.

“Something doesn’t seem right.”

I checked the calendar and even phone my colleague, then I only found out it was holiday that day. :D

If the above scenario is really true, then I’ll be the laughing stock of the company (I think it did happen to me before, just can't recall when is that). However, a similar scenario did happen to me. I was supposed to conduct training for a group people. I moved my PC, monitor and everything needed in the presentation. I set the whole thing up in the training room and waited for the people to come. The room doesn’t have any network connection, therefore I can’t use messenger program to communicate with the attendee. Later I found out that the training was supposed to be on tomorrow after I’ve checked it with one of the attendees. I laughed at myself and think this is one of the silliest things I ever did.

p/s: What comes from has to go back. I stopped laughing after I know I need to move back my stuff from the training room back to my place.

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