Monday, January 09, 2006

Love confession of a Boy

Boy: “Girl, there are something I wanted to talk to you a long time ago.”
Girl: What is that?

“What are the characteristics you will look for in a boyfriend?”
Charming, Handsome, Wise, Smart…

“Do you think that I have those characteristic?”
*Blush* I think you have

“If I want to be your Boyfriend, would you accept me?”
*Avoid eye contact* Eeerrrr…..

“It seems to me that it’s hard for you to say it out. Let me put it this way. Imagine there are sugar and salt on the table. If it is a yes, you put one spoon of sugar into your coffee. If it is a no, you put a spoon of salt into your coffee.”
I’ll put two spoon of sugar then.


This dialogue looks a bit old fashioned, out dated and a bit of drama usually seen from those Hong Kong series. Hey! It works on me recently “and I’m one of the successful examples of it” (Word within “” quote are written by my girlfriend). I hope it works for the guys who reading this. ;)


Yukiko said...

Congratulation, my friend! Happy ler!? :) i still owe u a movie woh~~~ how ah? no worry, i'll be cancel it. ok? Gd luck to you! :) GAMBATE!

zoe said...

Ha ha ha !!!

At last! Finally! Eventually! Congratulations!!!! ;)