Thursday, January 26, 2006

Back to work

I went to Bali last Friday (20th Jan) and back to Malaysia on Tuesday midnight(24th Jan). On next morning I woke up and went back to work as usual. Suddenly I felt my life was like out of alignment.

I have my schedule all planed up for every weekend however, only 5 days i have gone and my room is a mess. I had a bag of laundry brought back from Bali and it is still in the laundry basket. My car was gone because my brother borrowed it and haven't returned it yet. I ended up driving my sis car to the LRT station. When I back to work, I saw my work is piled up, things need to be done quickly and everything seems to be urgent. Just 5 days i have gone for God sake. Not to mention I have some explainations need to be done for my girlfriend on why I didn't call her on my trip.

So, if you usually have your day all planned up and suddenly you have a vacation for week. Be prepared when come back from you vacation because that's where you nightmare begins.

p/s: I just remember i have to compile my Bali trip and put it on my blog. *Sigh* That's going to take sometime.

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