Saturday, August 23, 2014

Free DXO software (v7) for DSLR photo processing

Just want to give a shoutout of free photo processing software (DXO version 7) for DSLR photographer with lens distortion and chroma aberration correction based on popular camera + lens. Software supports up to win7.

Follow the link below:

Snowy Moutain - Perisher

A 2 day trip to snowy mountain, Perisher. 

From the Sydney City to there is about 6 hours. We stayed a night in Jidabyne and traveled to Perisher Ski Tube station by car on the next day. The sightseeing ticket is AUD $49 per person and that's including ski clothing, tube ride, toboggan/sled for family fun and one ride up to the mountain top.

In the ski tube.

 The tube station on top.

 The weather is good and the sun is bright. Luckily I got my sunscreen on.

A long queue at the ski lift, but it was quick when it gets to us.

 Here we go...

We met up a guy while riding the ski lift and he was paying AUD $120 for the unlimited ride to the mountain top. He told us he is not going to have lunch or break because he going to keep riding ski lift and ski for the whole day. If I would pay the same money for the ride, I will be doing the same too.

On a ski lift, reaching to the next station.

Further up again to the top. 

 A view from top of the mountain, everything seems so small.

 Then, there was this bunch of school kids we met on top and they all went amok.

 On my way down.

I promised myself that I will take the ski lesson if I come back again next year. ;)