Sunday, April 24, 2011

Karaoke in Malaysia

They can be heard in a high class chinese restaurant. Don't be shocked if you're having your dinner and suddenly, someone go on stage karaoke singing. It's common because there was a wedding reception going on on the other side and we all sitting in one big hall with no sound proof divider.

If the singer is good on singing, you're on a lucky day. If not, the food somehow taste different.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

A talk with a real estate executive director.

I and my wife were doing some real estate scouting just to look for some unit for investment. Since the real estate market in Malaysia is booming (as in a lot houses and condo being built at this point of time), so we thought probably we might get some great deal.

We saw one advertisment in the newspaper and went for the sales office. To our dissapointment, the office was closed and when we're going leave the place, somehow we noticed 2 persons in the office. The man inside noticed us, opened the door and let us in. The first couple minute of introduction, we are not sure who he is as he doesn't looked like a sales person and he also mentioned his staff wasn't working that day. Even after he hand over his business card, we didn't noticed the title until I found an article on the table that he is the executive director for this company.

He started talking about his latest project and unit available in detail plus some tips on finding a good investment property. He also mentioned that he had open couple of seminar and talks about property investment strategy to the public. I was surprised that in his tone, he was humble and no sign of bragging or looking down on us (probably we're looked young and he thought we're buying our first home). Then I slipped my mouth and ask him whether we can have a visit to his existing project. He replied in a heart beat that he will take us there personally.

First, I thought we're going there by our own car taggin his car but he insisted that we go with him on his Mercides Benz S class. I was shocked but still keep my cool intact. He showed us around the condo (plus the rooftop) he'd built and mentioned along the tips he talked to us earlier. Well, it's true and the place sure looked more attractive to those previous condos we have scouted so far. After the tour is done,  we exchanged couple of thoughts and investment ideas on our way back to the sales office. We thanked him for the sharing the investment tips and the hospitality of taking us for a tour.

Seriously, I've never ride in a executive director's car and go for a tour until I met this man. But I'm sure his going make a lot of friends and sales on his project with his generous hospitality.