Friday, April 27, 2012

Temple Run (1 & 2) 10 million club member

Temple Run 2

It's easier to get into the 10 million club members in Temple Run 2.

Highest Score: 12,729,808
Longest Run: 31,742
Most Coin: 16,010

Total Games: 186
Total Distance: 763,283
Total Coins: 287,783

Version:, Android

Device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

There are some similarities in Temple Run 2 compared to the first version. The "non game related tips" and "Game tips" from Temple Run 1 is the same applies to Temple Run 2, so I won't mention here again.

Overall Temple Run 2 tips

1. Upgrade abilities that relevant to the objective. Scoring the objective will add one to the score multiplier. Example, objective about hitting a certain score, Score Multiplier ability is a good upgrade. Objective about distance without tripping, Shield Duration is a good upgrade. After the objective reached and some of the abilities reach up to 3/4 green bar, put ability upgrade priority on Coin Value, Coin Magnet and Power Meter to generate more coins.

2. Unlock Scarlett Fox first. This will enable the Coin Magnet powerup which help generate income. There is no need for financial class here, get Scarlett Fox and the coin will start pouring in for upgrading other abilities.

3. Store and use the green gem to resurrect so the run can be longer and more coins. I have tried to convert the gem to 50 coins with Barry Bones but it doesn't add up with Scarlett Fox with Coin Magnet powerup using gem for resurrect. Again, use the powerup according to objective. However, I always put Coin Magnet as default because almost everything in the game required coins, including objectives and abilities.

4. Tripping to slow down. To hit the 10 million mark, longer run and distance required. This usually ends up with superman speed running and there is no time to react in a short and sharp corner turn. To counter this, after enable the Coin Magnet (or other) powerup (double tap when the green bar is full), I did a tripping while running in a straight road by swiping left or right (yeah, the monkey jump right behind). There is no need to look for the red roof top ceramic tiles on the road (it does help sometimes if it's there) but be cautioned that once tripping, there is a 1-2 seconds control freeze on jumping. So, always keep the tripping while running in the long straight road.

5. Finally, have fun. If the game keeps failing, it's about time to stop.

A big thanks to Imagi Studio for the great sequel of Temple Run. Highly recommended.

Google Play Store - Temple Run 2

Temple Run 1

Finally, I can put down this game for a while.

Highest Score: 10,736,326 (I stopped after reaching 10 million)
Longest Run: 34,187m
Most Coin: 16,397

Total Games: 681
Total Distance: 1,618,418m
Total Coins: 497,825

Version: 1.0.2, Android

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

Since I have achieved all the objectives (except the wallpaper which still not available in store), I would like share couple of tips for playing this game.

Non game related tips

1. Play in Air Plane mode
This is to make sure there are no potential incoming messages that will lag the game while running. Of course if you want to post the score on twitter, perhaps you might want to leave the wifi on. My choice is to shut them all.

2. Large screen do have advantage.
What are the other player are telling me and perhaps they are right. Mine is 7' screen.

3. Don't touch, rub the screen using thumb.
Put more pressure on the touch screen because I do find sometimes the touch didn't register on crucial moment.

4. Stop playing if the game keep failing or no fun.
It means that I'm tired. So, I stopped the game and went to do something else.

Game tips

1. Mega boost will get you distance but not score.
Mega boost is for achieving objectives that requires distance but score didn't add up much. Furthermore, I missed a lot of gold while boosting. Invest on minor boost instead, when I have extra gold, to give less boring head start.

2. Try to get as much gold while running because gold does add points.
Miss too much gold while running will required to run longer distance and we don't want that.

3. Try double (or more) action.
This includes double jumps (double upward rub) or turn then jump (rub left/right then upward) in quick (plus others like slide, jump and turn). There are times where I can see what's coming in quick and close sequence and having the double(or more) action keeps the player running.

4. Try jump over rather than slide under.
I can see what's coming next if I jump over the fences or fire. Sliding under those obstacles will block the view.

Million club member tips

1. Standby at least 20 resurrect for 10 million run.
My resurrect starts with 20 and left only 5 count after the 10 million. To be safe, keep at least 20.

2. Use resurrect after 3000m - 3500m (find your own threshold) and only the player is not protected.
Boosting and invincibility does not required resurrect to be standby. Wait until they wear off then only start using resurrect. After 3000m (without boost), I find the speed is too fast for me to react (different people may have different reaction speed) and I start using resurrect from that point onward.

3. Use resurrect if you got the chance after hitting 3 million.
In order to hit the 5 million objective (10 million was a bonus), I used the resurrect whenever the  option is available after 3 million point (no boosting or invincibility power ups while running) in order to keep my player safe.

4. Enjoy the game casually while earning gold to stock resurrect power ups.
I played the game when I have spare time, such as waiting in line, just to build up my gold account.


Finally, 10 million club member objective is achievable and I enjoyed the game really much. I finished all the objective without paying a cent and would like to support the developer. However, I would definitely not changing cash for the game gold but for something else special such as tomb raider look-a-like character (or extra content, game texture, special objective, etc)

I would like to give a big thank you to Imangi Studios for bring this wonderful game to Android world and highly recommend Temple Run for people who like fast action platform game (e.g. Super Mario).