Sunday, November 21, 2010

Writting thru cellphone

I have been missing in writting and post to my blog due to packed schedule and unconfortable environment (lame excuses, i know). Later, I found out a way to write using my phone and post the article later with less cost (no expensive smartphone and data plan).

1. Make sure your laptop and cellphone have bluetooth functionality.
2. Cellphone usually comes with notes application. My cheap nokia (2730 classic) note app can support up to 3k character.
3. After finished writting in notes, use the bluetooth function from cellphone and send the notes to laptop. Then post the article to web. (It works using ubuntu client by pushing the note to laptop, notes are stored in /home/public/).

Now I can capture any idea I have at any specific point of time, on road. This also give me less excuses not to write due to lack of tools and caused some great idea slip away.

P.S. 80% of this article is written using cellphone and the rest is edited using open office. I'm not sure why gedit unable to open the text file due to some strange character.

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