Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now I'm at Cyprus airport lounge

My flight's gate will be open in another hour and my Emirate membership is just upgraded to Gold. The airline gives me the priviledge to use the Cyprus airport lounge. That's really nice of them.

Before that, I was working from 1 am till 3 pm and bit farewell to my colleague. I wished my manager and colleague good luck on mid of August where the project will be go live. Although I will be going back to my office in KL this Friday (to hand back the laptop, security cards and stuff), nevertheless it was a great (and stressful) experience to be here to make the project dress rehearsal a success (it still on going at this moment but I guess there is not much of issue found).

I felt heavy hearted but when I went out the building door and spread my arm, it was a really nice feeling. Tons of burden seems to dropped off from my shoulder and I never breath easier starting from that moment. I'm looking forward on my new job on Monday and starting over again with new colleague, new manager and new job environment.


Thiam Hooi said...

Still on the same company?

Ivan said...

Yeah. On monday will be a new one. :D