Monday, August 02, 2010

3 new things for today

First thing is the new job. I have gone thru the induction day today and somehow I got a mix feeling. One thing is the internet access is not available in the workstation, which will kinda make the job a little boring (:p). However, the good side is, I'm driving to work now and there are no more congestion experience like in KTM train station on peak hours. There are no traffic jam driving from Subang to Cyberjaya and I can reached my office in 35 mins.

Second thing is I got is a new wardrobe, which I hammered it myself with some help from my wife. We bought the wardrobe from Carrefour and it was delivered on yesterday morning. The problem is, it took us 3 hours to assemble the thing and believe me, you don't want to do this again. Anyway, my new job requires me to wear formal and the new wardrobe really helps me to organize my shirts.

The third thing is I got is a new mobile. I thought of getting a smartphone but somehow I don't think the market is yet mature. I don't like Apple which is too common and propriety. Android is keep updating and some phone maker didn't update their old android phone (thought of getting the old model for cheaper price). Blackberry does not suit me because of the screen size and their new OS also just around the corner. So, in the end, I went for a classic Nokia phone, which has 3G and bluetooth, just what I wanted. I started using the new phone today and it worked charmingly.

Tomorrow it will be another training day. I hope it will be fun and perhaps more new things to be discovered.

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Thiam Hooi said...

A new good start to you