Saturday, August 07, 2010

Nokia Ovi Suite is terrible

Last week, I bought a Nokia 2730 and so far the phone was working much as I expected until I tried to work on the Ovi Suite ver Before I go into the software detail, I'll just recap why I need this software.

The last working phone I used was a Sony Ericsson W910. The phone died suddenly so I bought this Nokia 2730. Unfortunately, all my contacts having strange name (e.g. Wang;Ivan/1). This problem is serious because sometime I couldn't locate the name I wanted to call.

Back to our Ovi Suite story. I needed the software to re-organize my contact name again and the problem is, to link up the phone with my PC is a pain. First, the USB cable wasn't included in the phone package. So, I went out and bought one. Second, I downloaded the Ovi Suite (~98mb) using my 512k DSL broadband and it took me 45 mins. Finally, I got everything in place but the phone still not able to link up. My Windows XP SP3 keep telling there is a unknown USB device and the Ovi software couldn't find my phone.

Here's my question, does Nokia's QA team really test this software thoroughly?

I tried couple of times using the software until I found a way to link up my phone.

Update 31/08/2010: Start the ovi software. Connect the phone to PC until you can select the 'PC suite' option in phone and WAIT til the ovi software able to detect the phone.
  1. Disconnect the phone. Close the Ovi software (Minimized to tray).
  2. Go to device manager, then uninstall the Nokia 2730 Classic driver and unknown USB driver.
  3. Connect the phone and let the software reinstall the driver again.
  4. Try couple of times until the Software recognize the phone.
This really a pain and story didn't end here. Organize your calender requires Windows Calender or Microsoft Office Outlook to be installed. I don't have Windows 7 nor Microsoft Office Outlook (Office 2007 home edition doesn't come with Outlook) and therefore I couldn't fully use the calender and tasks app in my phone. Furthermore, there's a new firmware update for 2730 (from 9.41 to 10.40. Update 14/08/2010: There's a new firmware release, which is the 10.45, has fixed the bluetooth issue. ). After the update, my bluetooth headset's sound become terrible. Choppy music track and songs become silent after 5 seconds play. Calls quality also suffers the same except it manage to get pass 5 seconds.

In my past experience with Sony Ericsson PC suite, the experience is way much better than Ovi. Although the Sony phone has some issue on reliability, but on the software side, it is much superior compare to Nokia's Ovi Suite in term of stability.

In short, if you're a person who like to sync your phone with your computer and do a lot stuff using the phone PC suite, consider other phone manufacturer before getting a Nokia.

Update 31/08/2010: I thought I'm the one who complaining, on Ovi blog website there are a lot user complaint about the Ovi software. I think Nokia is going to lose more customer if this keeps going.

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