Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Meal

It's almost twelve midnight and I've checked in to my flight to Dubai. After a call to my wife that I'm have safely reached the airport, I was hungry and wanted a light meal for supper. Guess what, I found Happy Meal in Mc'donald just happed to be the perfect fit. They are small meal, just enough for child's appetite. It came with a burger, drink, fries and a toy (which I don't really care about).

I went to the counter and ordered a happy meal. Everything seems fine until the staff ask a weird question. "The kid is a male or female?". I pointed myself using my thumb. The staff and the customer behind me both laughed.Well, I just smiled.


Thiam Hooi said...

That's why it is called Happy Meal... Always give you smile :D

Ivan said...

Now you mention, I only realized Happy Meal really makes you happy. :D:D:D