Monday, July 25, 2005

Back to myself

I went for the SQL certified exam today and things were really going quite well. It took me 3 days to prepared for the exam and all the hard work (I think i slept at home or playing computer games most of the time instead of studying :D ) really pays off.

One of the session when i was doing my revision, i felt bored. I took out my old, dusty pc games from the shelves and installed it into my PC. Well just to stop the boring feel. And guess what, those old games really turns me on. Of course, this required some skill to really pull me off from the hook to get back on track to study after couple hours of playing. (Gee... can't somebody just stop me?)

Anyway, i started to pick up games when i was young. I still remember the first and most popular games i haved played was the super mario 3 and sonic the hedgehog. (Still my favorite if i can get them on my hands.)

However i have stoped playing games after i have started working (It's been several years). This is because i feel that playing games was a waste of time and money. And I think most of the people agree with this statement. Playing games just involve you and the computer. No social or communication with other people. (Not really true if you're playing multiplayer games. :P) So, i started to pick up books, which is more informative than games, and start throwing away my game collection (only the non original ones).

So, after i have started picking back up the old games, i felt rejuvenate (i don't believe it at first but it's the truth). It's like a long lost feeling that have gone pass several years and now, it's back. (Of cause, this feeling has to be under contorl. Not like, playing games for 24 hours non stop. :) ).

Beside that, i heard from other people where they can't do certain thing they were used to do before. Example, high speed motorsport. This may caused by having a family or partner who tell them not to do those things anymore. Well, until the person who stop them to do those thing has passed away (touch wood) gives them the freedom to go back to do their own thing.

And this link back my statement that says "Playing games is waste of time and money" has died temporary. Just temporary. :P


ahem_ahem said...

"This may caused by having a family or partner who tell them not to do those things anymore"

Reminds me of a friend of mine who used to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to play his PS2 secretly because his wife didn't like him spending ALL his time on the thing.

David Lee said...

Well...ahem_ahem...not the first case. I have friends who I play online games until my friend's wife have to drag him into his bedroom..hahahaha