Sunday, July 10, 2005


It was early in the morning when we arrived to that place to begin our hiking adventure. 4 brave gentlemans and 4 brave young ladies has form a team for this adventure. The trip start with jungle tracking (or i can say bush tracking) and the starting point was easy. It doesn't required much of effort to go through the jungle track before we have our first stop. After we have couple of drinks and takes some photos like a bunch of tourist, then come to the serious hiking.

In the middle of the whole trip, everybody is sweating no stop. I can feel the sweat keep flowing out thru my head, hands and body. The breathing was fast and deep. I think this is because we're so excited that the moving pace is fast. To my surprise, the ladies is moving as fast as the gentleman. We went thru some rocky hil that required us to use both hands and legs in order to pass thru. In addition, the hill is very high, as you can see from the picture, and required some courage to get thru. Of course, for the first timer, no doubt there are fears for trying those "stunt". However, i heard one of my team member said to one of the girl who has fear, "If you can over pass this obstacle, you can do anything with no fear once we reach to the finish." What an encourgement, man! I must agree that, no matter a man or woman who has overcome his/her fear, he/her has evolved to another person.

Finally, we going down the hill to reach the final destination of the whole trip. And again, it's a jungle track and there are reward waiting for us. Tropical fruits free for plucking and eating! The variety of fruits includes rambutan, durian(able to see some, but not able to eat it), langsat (very sweet) and duku (not ripe enought to be eaten). One of my team member said, "See those ripe rambutan. I can hear them screaming for us to eat them." Hahahaha. I think this can be an encouragement for people who like fruits but not hiking to come for hiking.

After we have reach to the bottom of the hill, we went for indian food for lunch. The time was just nice because it was noon by then. We eat and chit chat in the restaurant until 2 in the afternoon. Each of us went back home with sense of proud and looking forward for the next trip again.

After the trip, I went back and go straight to bed. I feel very tired that day but with satisfactory. I slept from 3pm to 7pm then from 10pm to 9am in the next day. Hahahaha. This is the most satified sleep i ever had.


benkenobikl said...

oh ya, i forgot to tell you the owner of the fruit orchard has a shotgun.. kekekkekekke *evil grin*

Anonymous said...

Maybe i should wear bulletproof vest for the next hiking? hahaha :D