Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Yesterday i mention about no sweating after a class of yoga. However, today i went for the advance class and i can't believe what a big difference compare to yesterday class. My sweat is like, after a shower without drying myself up with a towel and straight go to wear a t- shirt. It feels wonderful. Maybe after all, i need to go for advance class instead of intermediate class to really get a good work out.

After the class, drive back to home and have my dinner at a mamak stall nearby my house(most of the time). My sis called and asked whether she can join me. NO doubt the answer is yes. She came and we have nice little dinner. We chat about how's her interview with the new company she've been long waiting to be accepted by them. But somehow she have doubt about it. Well, at first i wasn't so encourage her on getting that job after knowing what industry it involves (it's legal but i just don't like it). However, i do encouraged her to give it try. I said, "You don't know whether you like durian after you have tried it." Of course, there's a price to pay. I might spend money to get the durian. Spend some energy to get it open. After I have taste it, I might find it tastes ugly and wanted to spit the rest out of my mouth. After that, clean up the whole mess just to find out that I actually don't like durian. But what happens if I do like durian? It's like I have found a treasure and it feels like life isn't that bad after all because god made durian for us. Hooray!

I think life should be like that, trial and error. Keep the mind open to try new things. Accept changes. Don't afraid to make mistake. Just because by doing all these, i'm just finding the real me inside. To get to know myself better. :) Posted by Picasa

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