Thursday, July 14, 2005

Couple of days ago, I went to register for an exam to get a certificate that is required by my company. I have wanted to go this exam for a long time but just can't find the right time to actually take action for it (normal excuses as you can hear them everyday from other people. Example, "I wanted to quit smoking but just couldn't find the right time to do it". Yeah Right!). Anyway, the expenses for this exam can be claim from the company (Free exams! How good is that?). When I was keyed in the company system to get the benefit of having study leave just for going to the exam, I screwed things up. I was using the wrong system to do the process and I was a bit terrified. I found that out when my head manager ask me why this thing happens but that was on another issue. Without my manager knowing that I have screwed things up, I quickly ask my friend (who has taken the exam before), how the processes are done and quickly fix things up. I have managed to cover most of the mistake I have done, nevertheless there are some left that unable to be solved by myself. I think the only way to make sure things is 100% is corrected; I need to report the mistake to the HR staff and see whether they have any idea to help me solve the problem.

Then, I remember that I needed the receipt to claim the expenses which I forgotten for some time after the exam registration. I went back home and try to find where the receipt has gone. It took me while to actually find out where this piece of paper has left. The whole finding process is a bit frustrated to me because I hate finding things. And guess what, the price of losing that piece of paper would cost me a lot. (Why the exam was so darn expensive anyway?) J

But I learn something today and it was a good lesson for me. First mistake I have learned that before doing anything new, try to find any info or resources from document or friend. Unless there is no info or resources to help, then there is no choice but to make mistake and learn. Second mistake I learned that never looked down on piece of paper such as receipt. They might come in handy one day. Especially receipt for books, where we can have tax rebate by buying books.J
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