Monday, August 01, 2005


Unfortunately, it is not my birthday that i'll talk about here. It my friend's birthday. My colleague's birthday which happens in the end of july. Here is a photo of the birthday cake.

Flavour? Manggo. But the look, feel and color of the cake taste like durian. Hahahaha. But still, the cake tasted very nice overall. Beside that, i have another friend in china who is having her birthday in a fruits farm. (Just go to her blog site, "Sally" in the link section. Please note that her blog is written in chinese. :) ) Well, I never celebrate my birthday in a friuts farm before and it looks to be very fun to celebrate birthday at there.(Maybe I should go hiking at bukit mutiara again on my birthday. :D )

Beside that, my china friend requested me to send her a birthday card. I have send an E-card to her email but it wasn't accepted. She wanted to have a birthday card send to her door step and by the way, E-card sounds too boring for her. As a gentleman, of course i can't reject her request and went to a shopping center to get the card. It strucked me went i found out the gift shop which usually selling all those cards were closed for good. So, the only way to get the card were to go to a book store. I went to the nearest book shop which happens to be on the same floor and they weren't selling cards there anymore. The choices I have left is to went up to the toppest floor, which is the only bookstore left, to find one. Fortunately, they do sell those birthday cards however, with limited choices. (It seems that greeting cards wasn't that popular anymore in malaysia.) It took me some time to actually find the perfect card, put in some word, and then mail it. :D The time taken to mail an e-card can be less than 5 mins but when it comes to the real card, it might took you 50 mins to complete to whole process. (No wonder birthday card is become less popular these days).

Beside birthday cards, I heard from a dutch colleague that dutch people celebrate their birthday by buying those birthday cake themself and celebrate it with their friends or family. For malaysian, it was the other way around, where the birthday person having a party prepared by their friends or family with the cake included. Well, for me, i do prefer to celebrate birthday using the dutch way. Why? If there's no party prepared for the birthday person (people might forget/bakery has closed), then the person must be very sad. This is because he might think the whole world has forgotten his birthday. On the other way around, if the person bought the cake and invites his friend or family to celebrate it, who would say no? (except the cake really taste like durian :D)

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