Thursday, August 11, 2005


Well, it just another usual day for yesterday. After work, go to gym, get my dinner and back home. Well, when I reached home, my sister heard my footstep going back to my room, came out from her room asked me out for a dinner. Of course I know it not just about a dinner; I felt thatshe have something to say to me.

We went out to the nearest mamak stall, sat down and ordered couple of drink and food. Then she starts chatting. Well, she told me about that she has quit her job some time ago, and will be start working in the new company somewhere in the middle of August. So, currently she is handing over her stuff to the existing staff so they can follow up her work. Eventually, she does not have much work to do and just wait for the timeto pass as she go to work everyday.

However, she has been worrying about the new job lately where she thinks the new job might be stressful and not happy about it. I told her that it is common when people changing to new job and environment have this sort of feelings. (Not to mention that I have to go through an exam before I was confirmed on my new job and if I failed the exam, I might as well lose the job.) In addition, people out there know about her new job and some people give her encouragement and some are not. The thing is she is worrying on the discouragement that other people have been telling her. Discouragement such as "Working in a big company can be very stressful", "Some people work until 9pm in those companies" and "Company managed by Korean is very hard to work with and you can not communicate with them most of the time". The fact is, the company was a local company before and it was taken back by the company's principle which is from Korean. The take over just happened couple of months ago and the company was currently hiring people to help them to grow inMalaysia.

Then I tell her do not worry about those issues and point out some of the facts that she told me before. First, the company is new in terms of management people and she knows the manager who hires her. She knows the manager, who is a reliable person. Second, those people who give those discouragements never worked in that company before. So, what they say is nothing more but bullsh**ting. In addition, there is no point worrying. "If you know what you can do right now in order to stop the worrying, you should be start working on that already; however you can't anything now and what for worrying about it?" I said. I added more, "Get into the company and put as much effort as you can until when people mention about your industry, people will mention your name as well. Then you will show them who you really are." She feels much better after hearing what I've said.

So, it really clears to me that when I seeking advice, I better carefully looking for the right person to ask for advice. Vice versa, when I'm giving advice, I'll make sure that I'm qualified on giving one.Else, I'm might as well considered as one of the bulls**ters. :)

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