Monday, August 29, 2005


So, the day has finally arrived. Yup, it is my birthday. I woke up from my bed as usual, following the usual routine (brush my teeth, take a shower and etc…) and go to work. I was surprise that later after I start working, I started to receive sms or online messages from friends and family wishes me happy birthday. (Thank you and I love you all.)

Then later around afternoon tea time, me, my manager and colleague have a small but cheerful birthday celebration for me. (To those who able to make it, thank you again. And for those who are not able to make it, sorry that we didn’t left any cakes for you guys. hahahaha)

Later that night, me and couple of my friends went to Planet Hollywood for dinner. But before we reached there, I received a phone call from a friend asking about my car plate number. Then later when I reached to the car park I found some flower on the bonnet of my car. I was a little surprised because it is kind of new to me. Then later after we reached the destination car park, she took a flower from her car and gave it to me. I was really shocked (surprised X 2). After 27 years of growing up, nobody gave a flower to me, especially from a girl. (not even the “tou fo fa”) Well, I gave flower to a girl before and it feels romantic. But receiving a flower from a girl, I really got confused. I think maybe different people have different way of expressing their birthday blessing but anyway, I thanked her for her flower. (by the way, I don’t mind if it was a “tou fo fa”.)

We enjoyed ourself at there and it was a great dinner. We took couple of pictures and we spend our time there around 10pm, then we departed on our separate ways back. After I reached home, I received a sms from my father (who I don’t expect to receive sms from) wishing me happy birthday. Again, I was surprised (I think I got enough surprise for one day) because he usually forgets our birthday and we don’t really mind about it.

It seems to me that, on special occasion can really bring people together or communicating thru phone or online message. Some message was from friends that I didn’t contact for quite some time. Anyway, I wonder whether all these can be started all over again because tomorrow is my lunar calendar birthday. Hahahaha.


Anonymous said...

Glad to know that u enjoy yr bday and received flower from a girl. You made it to her heart as meant something to her. Opportunity is knocking...grab the chance.

irizanz said...

on my birthday, i received an mp3 player from a girl. i feel techy 8)