Friday, September 02, 2005

Stop driving and start walking

Okay. It’s been going on for 2 days already. I haven’t announced it on my blog but anyway, I announce it now doesn’t do anyone any harm either. (Why not postponed it to 2 years? Not a bad idea, eh?)

Well, it’s project that I have been telling to my friends and colleague before I start taking action on it. (Well, the project might fail in the first place. So, it’s better to keep it low profile) It is a project about “Stop driving and start walking”. That was the new title when I was writing this blog. The original title was, “Taking LRT* go to work for a month” and the progress so far for 2 days is so far so good*.

I have been driving to work for years already and the idea of this project came from increased petrol prices, lack of parking space (I have mentioned about parking space issue in my blog before), encouragement from colleague, and recently, one of the giant corporations has booked half of my usual parking place for its own staff only. All these issues lead to the success creation of this project and I really appreciate to their contribution.

So, what are the advantages and the disadvantages of taking LRT? Well, let’s look on the good side. No traffic jam, lower transportation cost, less pollution to the environment and that’s all I can think of. (I bet there are more and I’ll put it into the blog comment when it pops into my head). Now look on the bad side. No more listening to my favorite radio station, although no traffic jam but the amount of time taken from home to work seems the same, distance from my house to work doesn’t seems closer.

Anyway, lower transportation cost takes most of the point of being advantage by taking LRT to work.

Beside that, in my blog profile, I have stated "A normal office working people that you will see them all around walking in the city every morning when you go to work.". Before this project I was bit far from the statement; now I felt I’m much closer to that statement because I walked around the city instead of drive around.

*LRT – Light Railway Transportation

*So far so good– this rating is based on, my car still in one peace at the LRT car park when I came back from work. I haven’t been robed, pick pocketed, harassed, molested, insulted, and mugged so far.


irizanz said...

you can get an mp3 player with fm and listen to your favourite radio stations. but be aware that the radio signal can be v. bad.

irizanz said...

another good side of taking lrt is you can have a good time for reading :)

Ivan said...

Good side.
1. Being a passenger instead of a driver. I can read/play games on my PDA while i'm traveling to work.
2. Where all these nice, young, beautiful office lady came from?

David said...

Nice, young, beautiful office lady pop ups when you least expected :)

Ivan said...

Alright, it's almost end of the month and the result for this project "Taking LRT* go to work for a month" looks good. I can handle the human traffic jam in the train. I can kill my boredom while waiting with my PDA mp3 player and games. So, I have decided to let project move on instead of putting it for a month time frame. :)