Sunday, August 21, 2005

Book Review

I never written a book review before and why would I write one now? Well of course, this one is a great book. The book title was “Anyone Can Do It”, by Sahar and Bobby Hashemi. I have categorized this review into 3 sections which I think most people would look for in a book.

1. Who should read it?
Besides having the title “Anyone Can Do It” on the cover of the book, there is more information which is “Building Coffee Republic from Our Kitchen Table”, “57 Real-Life Laws on Entrepreneurship” and last but not lease, “Business Bestseller”. So, it is obvious that this book is for the business reading, people who wanted to know about entrepreneurship or wanted to become an entrepreneur, or people who just likes “Chicken Soup for the Soul for Business People” story.

2. What it is all about?
The first time I saw the word “Coffee Republic”, I never heard about it before except those giant coffee corporations such as Starbuck and Coffee Bean. Nevertheless, after reading the preface in the beginning; to my surprise, it didn’t mention anything about coffee.

It all started with a dream and how do they put their dream into realization. The dream was started by a brother and sister. The brother wanted to start a business and the sister hated her job, and they both wanted to get out from the “employee” world and start a business. (Sounds very familiar right?)

3. What so special about it?
If my review stopped at section 2, the book just nothing but an ordinary book. However, this is where it differs from other books.

Imagine that they treat their business like raising a child (No kidding), and they put a lot of passion and commitment into it. Those are the reasons why they are able to keep up to their business while many others have failed (especially those who just look for the money). They have no idea how a coffee business is ran in the beginning but their passions on the business puts them to learn to make great coffee, choosing the right coffee beans and recipes, went to US to get some coffee business concept (this is when the US was booming with coffee business), getting the right coffee machine and even choosing every single detail design of their store. Imagine that.

In addition, it wasn’t about the money in the first place when they started their dream. They saw a gap in the market (people needs great coffee), nobody doing anything about it and they don’t like their paycheck to paycheck job, given them enough reason to start up their dream.

Finally, I really like the ending of the book (although it is not a nice ending) and somehow I do feel emotional state of author which she described as “bust into uncontrollable tears” (although I’m not an entrepreneur). If any people who just grab the book and flip through just only the final pages. Believe me; they won’t get anything out of it until they read through the whole book.

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