Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Parking Space

Monday, I went to my life insurance company to settle some insurance matters. I took off at noon from my company; because that's the time I’m able to do my own business. I walked to the car park and found out that the car park was full. I have a bad feeling that I’m not going to get a parking space when I came back. What choice do I have? I have to settle this issue today no matter how.

I drove off from the car park; went there; solved the issue; took my lunch; drove back and guess what; my favorite car park was full (duh!). I started to get a little panic because I was over my lunch time. I quickly drove around to find the nearest car park which still has free space. Thank god there was one which still has one space left after searching for 15 minutes.

I started to think about it while I was walking back to my company. I drove a cheap car and I can’t find a decent parking space when I need it. Imagine if I drove a luxury car and I’m still having the same problem. What’s the point of having it since I can’t park the car when I reached my destination?

So, it brings to me that, a person own a luxury car doesn’t necessary means he will own a parking space . The same idea also goes to some area, where a person own something like higher status, income, image may thinks he will have "special rights" on some other area, might turn out to be having the same rights as the normal status, income, image person.

If a person planned to buy a car, he might as well consider to ask this question when he meet the car sales person. “Does this car come with a parking space when I need it?” If sales person says yes, the person might just found a great bargain than any other. :D


Huey Ling said...

I don't agree with you at this point. If a person affortable to buy a luxury car, he also able to pay for a booked parking space. I am sure that KLCC basement car park can be booked a parking space for yourself, is just need to pay for this service. Service also come from money of course. If you willing to pay more, sure your life become more comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think i really miss that point out.

However, i did see some rich people rather choose to park those low cost parking lot instead of luxury parking lot. And that also contribute to the parking problem as well.