Saturday, August 13, 2005


Yesterday after work, as usual, looking some where for dinner. Then I went sushi to get my dinner after I remember I didn't take sushi for quit a long time. So I went there, get into the restaurant, grab a sit in front of the sushi bar and then I heard someone calling my name. To my surprise, my friend was having her dinner there as well with a friend. She introduced her friend to me, and we greet each other (I still can't remember his name. I think I’m really bad on remember names after all), then I went back to my process of deciding what I’m going to have for tonight. Since I’m sitting close to them and l don't want to interrupt them or heard their conversation, so l changed my sit more far apart from them.

They finished their meal and left the restaurant, and I’m still in the middle of my dinner. After I have finished my dinner, I went to the cashier counter to pay the bills (It is a long queue). Then came some Arabian people with video camera in their hands and keep shooting the sushi shops. I was surprised, not because why was I’m not in their video shooting (no video and camera please!), it’s why the shop manager didn’t stop them. People may think what’s wrong with some tourist video shooting around the shop. Well, for me, it’s obvious that Arabian is trying to steal some business concept and they make it well too obvious.

One of the Arabian keep shooting the video and the other was keep the shop manager busy by asking question. Then, one of the customers came to the manager and complaint. I didn’t hear what the complaint about, but I can see the guy was having sushi dinner with another girl. And from the facial expression of the customer, it seems that he is panic about it. (Maybe he is having an affair? Who knows?). After the complaint, he went back to his sit and only then, the shop manager stops the Arabian from shooting the video. Then the same guy came back to the manager again and complaint. Again, I didn’t hear the conversation but I think the guy is trying to tell the manager to confiscate the video perhaps?

I didn’t know what happened next after the guy complaints since it is my turn to pay the bills and leave.

Well, in my opinion, public places such as this sushi shop is for public people. If a person who have something or someone who wouldn’t like to show to the public, then the person should find a place which is more private. The same idea goes to some girl who dressed sexy but keeps hiding their sexy body. Example, one time I saw a girl who dressed very, very short mini skirt and she having problem of sitting down. Why? This is because the girl was afraid that people might saw her underwear. Well, she can solve the problem by dress something which has more clothing and the same idea goes to the sushi guy; go to some places which are more private.

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