Saturday, June 07, 2008

Brisbane trip - Queen Street and Botanic Garden

In the morning, we went to a Italian restaurant for breakfast. After that, we went to Queen Street city information center get some detail for the next day trip. After we got our map and travel detail, we didn't go anywhere far and only went to nearby attraction that can be reached by foot.

At night, we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner and then went to South Bank for a walk. I didn't take any photo at South Bank because I was lazy to bring along my tripod. Anyway, we went back to South Bank next week early morning and took some photo there.

Below are some photos we took while walking on Queen Street and the Botanic Garden in the city.

Queen Street

Marines musical performance

Fruit juice stall

Botanic Garden

Tropical garden in the center of Brisbane city

Duck swimming freely. (Looks good on dinner table too :P)

Ships docked at the river nearby the garden

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